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Issue #4 starts of in Gotham, before Tim left.  He's in the Red Robin suit, heading towards Gotham Airport.  He stops to look back at Gotham asking what is he doing?  Dick shows up in the Bat Suit telling him they need to talk.  
In Baghdad Tim see's the three Assassins, wondering why they're there.  Then realizing that giving Ra's orders probably wouldn't have worked.  As he reached for the throwing discs, deciding that this is going to have to be public, he gets surrounded by Military Police.  Tim thinks his short career as Red Robin is over.  They believe Tim to be his Alias, Alvin Draper, and intend to bring him in for questioning.  Tim traveled too quickly after Berlin and it appears to German Government are on to him.  "Z" shows up, appearing to be a Wayne Enterprises employee, telling the Sergeant that there has been a mistake.  He tells them he is Tim's bodyguard, saying this is Tim Drake.  Tim explains to the Sergeant that he is here to see the head of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne, his adoptive father.  Once everything checks out Tim turns to the assassins who tell him they are here whether he likes it or not.  Back in Berlin, Tam Fox seems to be tracing Tim's tracks.  In Baghdad Tim feels like he's on Bizzaro world and Ra's is his new Alfred, Butler of the Damned.  Ra's again tries to get Tim to tell him why he thinks Bruce is alive.  For the first time we see what Tim got from Germany.  It appears to be part of a wall, with a boomerang/batarang on it.  "Z" knocks on his door telling him they should prepare.  Tim tries to brush him off, but he tells him how he's been studying him for weeks and that he usually isn't as arrogant as he is being.  Telling him to keep his emotions in check, he reminds him this isn't Gotham, telling him of the dangers of the area.  Tim asks why he is helping him and we learn that they fought together, back when they resurrected Ra's.  He tells him he fought to bring him back just as Tim is trying to bring back his "father" now.  "Z" tells him he knows how he feels now, lost.  He says his mission is a unique one, different from killing someone, this time he gets to restore a life; Tim's  
Tim begins to question how far he is willing to go.  He doesn't see the line anymore.  As Robin he never crossed that line, nor did Batman.  It seems that all Tim is doing now is compromising.  He hopes it's worth it.  Back in Gotham before, Dick approaches Tim telling him he wants to believe Bruce is alive but after everything they've gone through before the Crisis, it was like Bruce knew this was going to be it.  He says we're not like the others, Gods or Aliens.  Bruce was a man, and they buried him.  Dick wants to help him, but Tim says no and tells Dick to let go of him.  Tim throws Dick over his shoulder.  Back in Baghdad Tim and the Assassins are in a jeep, Owens is telling a story about Pru and the White Ghost's first meeting.  He broke 11 of her bones, to which Tim quickly says that breaking her nose 3 times isn't anything new to her.  The two males laugh at the joke.  Tim goes back to thinking about how Ra's calls Bruce "Detective."  He remembers how he knew that Dick Grayson was Robin and Bruce Wayne was Batman.  He then says he had the same type of moment recently.  He knows Bruce is alive, and even though the evidence is insane and the trail is cold, he knows Bruce is alive.  Upon entering a cave he sees a Bat Symbol drawn on the wall telling Tim, Bruce is lost and the trail begins here.  
Back in Gotham Tim confronts Dick saying that he knows how it sounds, and asks him if he thinks he doesn't know that.  He knows that it sounds like he's snapped, but he's going to prove it because he knows he's right.  Dick tries to tell him about a therapist in Metropolis but Tim tells him they're done here.  He tells him he's leaving and Dick has to let him.  He explains that if he meant what he said about them being partners and if he really meant it, if he really is his brother then he should have earned Dick's belief in him.  Tim tells Dick to take care of Gotham and not let Damian destroy everything they built as Robin.  If there is even a chance of Bruce being out there he has to try.  Dick watches as Tim leaves, not saying a word.  
Back in Baghdad, Tim realizes he was looking at the wall for an hour, he exits the cave to find the 3 assassins still there.  "Z" asks him how he feels.  Tim's response is a smile, Pru jokes about getting a bonus because of this.  However, there is a noise and "Z" is stabbed through chest.  The Widower calls out the remaining Assassins asking for them to put up a fight.  He slices Pru and Owens and heads towards Tim saying he wasn't on the list but stabs Tim anyway.  He tells Tim the council of Spiders appreciates their participation in the game.  Tim's mind starts to race, saying how he knew he was right, and that the compromises were going to end.  He would find himself again.  He feels the blood rushing out of his body he says soon he'll be dead like "Z" and Owens.  He see's Pru bleeding out and again he says he knew he was right.  He thought he would die as Robin.  Ra's asks Tim if he found what he was looking for.  When there is no response he calls out "Timothy?"



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Intuition 0

 Summary Flashback to city, Tim is about o leave after donning the Red Robin costume. He takes one last look at before heading out when Dick dressed as Batman arrives. He wants to talk, they do talk but when Dick basically patronizes Tim’s instincts by suggesting he go see a psychiatrist Tim closes down and decides to leave anyway. They spar briefly with Tim acknowledging that he knows he sounds crazy but eh can’t explain how he knows Bruce is Alive he just does. In the end he asks Dick to...

15 out of 15 found this review helpful.

Great tie up and sign of things to come 0

This issue does a great job of finishing up the prologue of Red Robin. We learn how he cut ties in Gotham and how he really get started down Bruces trail. The Bat symbol in the cave confirmed what we all know and now Tim knows it too. The story does jump back and forth which seems to be the theme in this arc. It has a cliff hanger ending that seems it will go into the next arc really well.  The art is lacking. I am glad that they are changing artists. Tim looks too much like Batman when he is Re...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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