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In the first part of a 3-part crossover with GOTHAM CITY SIRENS and BATMAN this month, Gotham City faces final judgment as the Angels of Death seek to spare the city by finding one person who is without sin. After putting Red Robin through physical and emotional trials, have they found the city's salvation? What is the one thing they learn about Tim Drake that might change their minds? Guest-starring Catwoman and Batman!


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Red Robin and the Holy Grail 0

Part 2 of the Judgment on Gotham crossover arc for the Bat-Family comics. Azrael is on a supposed holy mission to judge Gotham along with his new sidekick, The Crusader, and will only spare the city if he can find one of its guardians pure of spirit. And so Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, and Selina Kyle of all people will be tested and judged with all of Gotham riding on the line. Is someone more earthly bound though pulling Azrael’s strings as Red Robin begins his challenge? The Good You really see...

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Azrael is back in Red Robin 0

I was a big fan of Azrael from the beginning, and I can say the same for Red Robin, and this made up for the fact that I have a kneejerk reaction of low expectations for crossover story lines.   This crossover actually felt like it made sense, a major super villain team up attacks Gotham and it makes sense that everyone is going to come out to fight.   Long story short the story is really good, especially if you were a fan of the Azrael series that is no longer with us.   The artwork for...

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Is Tim worthy to save Gotham? 0

Synopsis: Tim struggles with his faith as he deals with the antics of Azreal and Crusader. What's Good? I wasn't going pick this up at first because of the crossover, but Fabian Nicieza writes a interesting story to tie in with it. I really liked the opening with Tim as it touches on who do heroes turn to when tragedy strikes? Faith in God or a higher being is rarely touch on (considering the things in the DC universe), but in Tim's case, his "faith" is being tested by Azreal and Crusader in o...

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