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Red Robin - The Hit List!

 Vicki Vale Needs To Die!
 Vicki Vale Needs To Die!
Tim Drake's and the entire Bat-family's identity is on the verge of being discovered! Not by an evil villain with a diabolical plan, however by Bruce Wayne's old flame, Vicki Vale! Things will spark as Tim Drake has to get assassinated to play the part of being Red Robin. Will Tim Drake die? Will the entire Bat-Family's identity be found out? Nothing is clear as to what will happen, however writer Fabian Nicieza is taking care of Red Robin, by giving him the story of his life! Join Tim Drake/Red Robin in, "The Hit List Part Three: Super Identity Crisis!"  



 Seeing The Family Together
 Seeing The Family Together
Tim Drake has always been my favorite hero. As Robin, I wasn't really impressed of what he did throughout his early years as Robin the Boy Wonder. A few interesting stories here-and-there came up every "once" in awhile, however Tim just seemed like a copy-cat of Dick & Jason. Just not with all of the emotional drama of Jason's life, and without being born into a family circus. However, after Tim got his new suit, it seemed the writers had a "big" plan for Tim's eventual stories. Today, Tim is Red Robin (a old guise that Jason used), and is kicking butt and taking names. The "Hit List" story line has been the best story line of Tim Drake yet. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Tim will soon have to conquer/fight Anarky. The art for this series continues to show style and newness. Seeing Dick, Tim and Damian together in a single issue is something we don't get to see a whole bunch. I always enjoy the conversations between the characters. 


 Does Tim Die?
 Does Tim Die?
While this chapter is closing, I'm sort of sad that it ended with Anarky. Anarky hasn't been my favorite "bad guy" villain to fight Red Robin. Since his early appearances in this series, he always seemed to me to be a 'drag' on character. Just giving the writers someone to fill in for Tim's "very" few enemies. Hopefully, the writers will create a villain that can combat Tim with full force, or is an old villain that hasn't been seen in awhile. Maxwell Lord would fit perfectly as a Tim Drake villain. Maybe will get to see a crossover? Here is hoping.

Red Robin #15's Verdict

With this story closing and another opening, we should reflect and see what Tim has done in this entire series. From being the "only" one to know that Bruce is trapped in time, then he scrambles lots of heroes together to find him, to just beating the crap out of the bad guys. Red Robin, or Tim Drake's series is a story for old fans of Tim and also new ones. With RR #16 around the corner, nothing but trouble awaits Tim. Does Tim die in this issue? NO! If you want to find out, buy this issue. This is a good "jumping" on point for new readers (and old ones). Something to add is that, Vicki really needs to die! Sorry, but she needs to be a friend of the Bat-family, or she needs to be killed off. The verdict of this issue is 4.5/5. Stay Awesome Tim Drake! 

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