Red Robin #12

    Red Robin » Red Robin #12 - Collision, Part 4 released by DC Comics on July 1, 2010.

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    Every single moment of the last year has led to this fight between Red Robin and Ra's al Ghul. Who has Ra's been talking to all this time in the shadows? Why was Lucius Fox so desperate to find Tim Drake? And why was Tim so certain that Bruce Wayne is alive in issue #1? All questions are answered.


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    Fullfillment 0

      *Spoiler warning EXTREME SPOILER WARNING* Do not and I repeat Do not! read this review if you have  not read the issue and dont want to be spoiled, because You will be spoiled! You've been warned! Summary Ras awaits word from his assassins on the hits when Tim comes in. They talk a bit with Ras gloating that Tim may have found him BUT he can’t save everyone because he’s wasted time. Tim reveals that eh has effectively checkmated Ras on all fronts. Everyone has been saved he also reveals tha...

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    "Ninja? I'm insulted." 0

    In the 12th issue of Red Robin the answers to the questions we've been looking for this past year are revealed.  Why did Tim Drake come to the conclusion Bruce Wayne was stuck in time?  The answer is here.    What You Need To Know. Tim Drake has been traveling the globe, looking for clues that prove that Bruce is alive.  He teamed up with Ra' Al Ghul only to betray him.  As a result Ra's has targeted the Batman Family.  Tim is on a one way collision course and his target is Ra's Al Ghul.  The Go...

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    Better than batman??? 0

    Let me start off by saying I've really enjoyed Yost's run on RR, I'm gutted he hasn't been given more time as it feels like Yost was only getting started.   The Good Once again Yost makes a point of demonstrating why Tim is fated to be better than Bruce. In a previous issue he focussed on his training from some of the best in the world and how he has taken on their strengths but eliminated their weaknesses, this issue moves to his detective skills and friends within the DC universe. Yost has rea...

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