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Can I save them all?


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The story opens with Ras getting briefed on what has transpired. Dr. Thompkins lives even though they managed to get the info he needed. He ask them who stopped them when he hears Tim Drake he is not surprised and calls in special assassins and task them to kill Red Robin.

Pru explains Ras’ plan to Tim and Steph before revealing that she was tasked with killing Steph. Steph takes her down much to the amazement of Tim. Things get heated when Pru reveals she has come to help Tim much the same way he helped her while he ran the league of assassins.

Vickie Vales turns up at manor still fishing for that Tim Wayne story since speaking with “Bruce”, his friends and his school since none of the stories add up. Bruce/Hush arrives at manor where Ras reveals he knows who he is.

Back on the roof Steph freaks out about Tim running the league and how he treated her once Tim Apologizes they all decide to wok together. Tam meanwhile is searching for Tim while an assassin watches her. Back at Wayne Manor Ras tells hush he want everything that Bruce Wayne has.

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Tim takes the girls to a warehouse and manages to save them from an impending explosion due to forward thinking. Before the explosion Tim realizes he must get t Luscious fox since Hush can’t be trusted.   The trio runs straight into Ras super assassins.

Tam meanwhile has made her way to Wayne Manor where Vickie Vale finds her and she decides to tell Vickie whatever she wants. High above both get targeted by an assassin.

The Good:

Great art and colors, great story composition and Tim shines as Red Robin. He shows very Bruce like tendencies in this issue particularly when he used a small explosion to free him and the girls from Ras large “most

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def will kill us” blast. I loved that scene. Tim also gets great mileage played off the far more expressive Steph. She always says what on her mind while Tim is the more introspective. I loved the action moments as they didn’t detract from the overall flow of story in fact they added to the flow. Also loved Vickie Vale’s continued presence and her ongoing investigation into Tim. Tam’s search for Tim is a nice bit of continuum from the early issues and even the ending is a cliffhanger will Tam tell Vickie everything? Will they even survive? How will Tim outwit Ras? It’s all crazy sexy cool fun!

The Bad:

I enjoyed every single moment and panel BUT it lacked a certain impact.

The Ugly:

A sturdy Baty experience that would make Bruce proud 4/5 stars


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