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what! the first part of the story was in the previous Batgirl!?

Hey! whats this! a review of "Red Robin #10" two weeks after it came out! what the face man, this is old news.  
well if there do exist people who speek like that outsied the world of 90's sitcomes i shal awnser first. The review is up 2 weeks late due to me not being able to get a hold of this issue 2 weeks ago. it had only been restocked last wendesday, and when i went in today ( 26/03/2010 ) and realized it was now available ( and that JSA #37 had been pushed back to next week ) i decided to buy it.   
Now i want to give this comic 4.5 stars, but unfortuanatly it loses a star for being a follow up to the previous batgirl ( which i dont buy, so you kinda might see my dilema... no? oh well ) so anyway, last issue Tim came back to Gotham, but as he did Ra's put into place a plan to hurt Tim like he did to him 2 issues back, by assassinating all of the people he holds dear. So in a hurry Tim runs to the Batcave in hope of finding Dick, Damien of Alfred to help, but what he dose get is brown, aka the spoiler (former) and now Batgirl. Well apparanty in that Batgirl issue that i didnt read Tim and Steph are able to stop one of the assassinations, and then meet up with Pam, who in this issue tell Tim about Ra's plan. Menwhile Tam is still looking for Tim, and has been targeted by the league, Vicki Vale continues to try and sus out where Tim Drake has been, and Ra's has a meeting with Elliot, after taking care of and Outsider. The rest of the issue is closlty knitted together, and to try and explain would spoil the ending, so heres me shutting up. 
The art style is good, and really portrais the characters well ( i.e. never picked up batgirl so i cant compair the art styles of her in that and her in here. ) The story is once again a continuation of the last issue, and the 2nd part of a 4 part story. If you havent already bought this issue after 2 weeks then id advie that you do. Its a good issue, but if you have never read red robin before than stop, this isnt the issue for you. It follows up on the events of a previous story arc, is the 2nd part of a story of this series, and is the second half to batgirl issue. So its not a case of "you might be confuse" its a case of "youll be damned sure that your confused.  ) so stay away or prepair to apy out a lot of money on back issues.

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