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    Team » Red Right Hand appears in 42 issues.

    The Red Right Hand are a collection of non-powered humans dedicated to destroying Wolverine. The members share a history with him in that he at some point in each of their lives victimized them and/or a loved one causing them to hold a lifelong vendetta.

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    The Red Right hand is personally responsible for sending Wolverine to Hell, and letting Hellverine run amok causing terror.

    In their shown tenure, The Red Right Hand have used Mystique, The Mongrels, The Black Samurai, Daken, Lord Deathstrike and several others to target Wolverine and the people he cares about. They would come to betray Daken, who would by saved though by the demonically possessed Wolverine, and would themselves be betrayed by Mystique, though all if this is claimed by their leader to be according to plan.

    The Red Right Hand wanting to attack Wolverine from all fronts has made a list of people to try and kill via their various enforcers. They have succeeded in killing John Wraith and Silver Samurai, as well as many innocent bystanders in the process. They attempted and failed to kill Yukio, Amiko Kobayashi, Daken, Mystique, X-23, Tyger Tiger, Maverick, The X-Men, and Melita Garner. Their attack on Melita's former workplace, The San Fransisco Post caused the deaths of two employees and cost Melita her job.

    The Red Right Hand has lured Wolverine to them in an attempt to further break him, pitting him one by one against the members of The Mongrels.

    Their obsession seems to know no bounds. A Red Right Hand member is one for life and the only way out is to either commit suicide or be killed.


    Since none of the Member ever say there true names, they each are notable by the characteristics or roles.

    The Founder- An over 80 years old man who founded the Red Right Hand.

    When he was a child his father was a self made man, who owned coal mines all over Kentucky. Then one year when the workers went on strike his father tried to use force to break up the Union and the Union responses was to send Wolverine. His father agreed to negotiate but was furious and attacked the Union leader, killing her. Wolverine then killed his father and told the then 10 year old boy to forget about him. The next few years the Founder didn't forget, he lost his family fortune, and was force to work 12 hour days in the mines his father used to own. When he was old enough he made his own fortune and bought the mines his father used to own, and burned them down. He then tried to track down his father's killer, but it wasn't till years later that he was able to confront Logan. He shot him several times but Logan's healing factor made it possible for Logan to heal and beat the founder up. Over the year the Founder tried to kill him but always failed, that when he learned he couldn't do it alone and started the Red right Hand.

    Left to Right- Husband,Founder, Old Woman, Ninja
    Left to Right- Husband,Founder, Old Woman, Ninja

    The Old Woman-

    When she was a child her mother was dead and her father was always working. He was always trying to catch a man named Logan, but one night Logan found him. When she woke up that night she saw her father's killer and he saw her, he torched the house but took her outside. Years later she married a man who was also obsessed with the Weapon X project and this man name Logan. She awoke one night with blood on her hands and a her husband dead in the bed next to her. Standing in the room was the man Logan and a man named Creed. Creed wanted to kill her but Logan spared her life. At her husbands funeral she met The Founder, who showed her the Red Right Hand. But she still had her doubts to the length the group should go. So the Founder showed her Victoria Creed, Creed's mother. He lost it and killed Victoria, she was in the Red Right Hand but she is still unsure if it the right thing to do.

    The Husband-

    When the Husband was driving his wife to the hospital to give birth to their first born, they got caught on Highway 18 during a fight between Wolverine and The Hulk. Their car was destroyed by Wolverine while he was trying to stop a rampaging Hulk. The Husband tried to carry his wife to the hospital but she and the baby die on the way. He always blamed Wolverine, even though the news said he saved the day. For the next year or so he would stand out side of the X-men mansion cursing Wolverine's name then he would get drunk. On occasion he would find a bum, force him to dress-up in a Wolverine costume and beat him with a bat, killing him. Then one night he was approached by a demon who explained that if The husband would join the Red Right Hand the demon would help him get his revenge. This is how the Red Right Hand made the deal with the devil to possess Wolverines body, and send his soul to Hell. When Wolverine was just outside the door to their meeting room The Husband wanted to leave and attack Wolverine on his own,but before he could Gunhawk kills him under orders of The Founder.

    The Ninja-

    The Ninja was once a member of the Hand, and had been trained since the day she was born to fight. When she was a child her father, a member of the Hand, returned in shame that he and his brother's had been beaten by Wolverine. Him and his brother were forced to commit suicide while The Ninja watched. As The Ninja grew older she never forgot what Wolverine had forced her father to do. Then one night her brothers returned beating and dieing from their encounter with Wolverine. The Ninja swore vengeance, and would get her chance that night. Wolverine found the Hand's base and killed many, including The Ninja. The Hand's high priest brought The Ninja back from death so she could be used to breed more members. The Ninja dispised this idea and went to find the Founder and his Red Right Hand. There she became the teacher and and trainer of The Mongrels.

    The Son

    The Youngest member of the Red Right Hand, the son's mother worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. as a nurse it was there that while trying to help Wolverine he killed her. The Son was then bounced around from foster home to foster home, 6 different foster homes in less then a year. Then the Founder took him in and brought him into the Red Right Hand. Once he was inducted it was him that stood up to Daken and it was The Son who kept pushing the group that Hell was too good for Wolverine. The son was also the last one to commit suicide and was the only member alive to see Wolverine's face when he discovered what the Red Right Hand has done.


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