Red Riding Hood

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    Little Red Riding Hood from the historic fairytale.

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    The famous characters that ventures into the woods to deliver food to her sick grandmother and encounters a wolf.


    The real Red had no idea that the Adversary was cloning her likeness to use as spies and saboteurs. She got a cold welcome in Fabletown after being rescued by Boy Blue in the Homelands, as evil Baba Yaga had been there first wearing Red's face. She showed no interest in Boy Blue after that, but took a liking to Flycatcher and got a makeover to attract his attention, which startled him back into his frog form.

    A Blue Welcome For A Red Girl

    Red's known in Fables mainly because she was used for spies. Twice in Boy Blue's life he met her, but they were both mere imposters. The real Red Riding Hood used to live quietly in her cottage in the Homelands where she would often remain undisturbed for long periods. Her peaceful life was occasionally disrupted by a summons to the Warlock's Hall where, unbeknownst to her, magical fetches of her were created, allowing another to take her form in order to infiltrate groups that were against the Adversary. The first time Boy Blue met one of her fetches was in the Last Castle, the apparent Red Riding Hood was on the run from the Adversary's armies. An unnamed sorceress used her form to infiltrate the citadel at World's End during the Fables last stand in the Homelands, and during her stay she became romantically involved with Boy Blue.

    Its also unknown if the sorceress really did love Boy Blue or not. There hints that she did, when she attempted to marry him and another time when she was said to have ran off into the battle to be with him. But without real say the rest is speculation. The sorceress's eventual fate is unknown. More recently, Baba Yaga used her form to infiltrate Fabletown in preparation for an invasion by the Adversary's Wooden Soldiers. Shortly after the incident, Boy Blue launched a covert mission into the Homelands which resulted in the real Red Riding Hood being brought to Fabletown, leaving the woman facing considerable animosity as a result. Upset by this reception and confused by the very different world that she found herself in, Red first latched on to Boy Blue, then Flycatcher when Blue left for the Farm to serve his sentence there, as both men are among the few who have no issues with her.

    Love's Justice

    Red attended Bigby and Snow's wedding with Flycatcher, but, although she found Bigby oddly familiar, she failed to recognize his human form as being her old foe. After returning, she ventured out into the mundane city to have a makeover with the aim of attracting Fly. He was, however, shocked when he saw her, and ran away, ultimately reverting to his frog form. After Ambrose's humanity was restored by Santa and the spirit of his deceased wife, restoring his memories and causing him to fall into severe depression, Ride scolded him for attempting to starve himself rather than exact revenge. Fly would soon start his journey through the Witching Well and to eventually form the Haven. After Fly's Haven was established and became safe, Boy Blue brought Ride along with him so she could move there. She told Fly she would assist him by taking care of queenly duties, until he found himself a proper queen.

    During the latest story arc, Fly finally kissed Red, turning himself back into a frog. However, he refused to allow his curse control him and changed back into himself. At the end of the story, tired of being alone, he asks Red to share his bed with him, which she accepts delightedly. She hasn't been seen much at all since then, not speaking at least.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fables Red Riding Hood has immense durability, longevity and being immortal much like the words and songs of the fable carried on through time, slightly altered but never ending.

    Other versions in comics

    One of the most visible representations of the character in comics is the Grimm Fairy Tales version. In this version Britney Waters is revealed to be a falseblood that takes on the role of Little Red Riding Hood, both figuratively and then literally as she is attacked by a wolf like creature from another dimension.

    In issue #4 of Mind the Gap, Elle Peterssen is depicted as Red Riding Hood on the cover.

    In issues #637 and #638 of Archie, the gang is transported to a magical kingdom where they replace the versions of the fairy tales characters. Betty Cooper becomes Red Riding Hood.


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