Red Raven (Dania)

    Character » Red Raven (Dania) appears in 22 issues.

    Dania is the daughter of Red Raven. She is one of the teen heroes kidnapped by Arcade in Avengers Arena.

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    Hatched on the floating island Aerie, Dania's people were originally from Sky-Island. At 14, Dania had spent most of her life watching Namor on video feeds, since she thought he was responsible for the death of her father (the original Red Raven). Namor's company, Oracle, Inc., sought to study the sunken Sky-Island and market the technology. However, the workers were attacked by Diablo, who sought to harness the island's technology for himself. Dania flew there to defend her people when Diablo alchemically resurrected the Bird People (who were in a state of suspended animation), leaving Namor and Dania to fight them off. The reanimated version of Dania's father attacked her, and she was very distraught, but Namor defeated him. Diablo departed, exploding Sky-Island as he left. Dania chided Namor for his interference with Sky-Island, though she did win a grudging respect for the hero. Dania's father later organized his people into building a new Sky-Island.

    Mayor Story Arcs


    Dania was later seen in her floating city when the superhero team known as the Defenders came to the city in order to defeat the Bi-Beast.

    Civil War

    During Civil War, Tony Stark listed Dania as a foreign national, who was still active in the United States.

    Avengers Arena and Death

    Dania was one of the several superhero teens kidnapped by Arcade to take part in the new MurderWorld. During a "fight or flight" moment with Deathlocket she tried to escape Murder World by flying into the sky but hit a force field at high speeds and was crushed by the impact. She fell back to the ground in a crumpled heap and lay dead while the other kidnapped heroes broke off into groups.


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