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    Speedster from the DC Multiverse as well as being a big comic book fan. Romantically involved with Justice 9 teammate Flashlight

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    The Red Racer was created by Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis. Red Racer is an homage to The Blitz of Big Bang Comics, who was a pastiche of Jay Garrick. He was first mentioned in Action Comics 9 but actually appears in Multiversity 1.


    Natural from the world of Earth-36, Red Racer is member of Justice 9, the heroic superteam of his universe. His first contact with the multiverse was when Superdoom attacked Optiman, the Superman of earth-36 and killed him in spite of the help of the other heroes (Flashlight and Iron Knight, included).

    His second contact with worlds beyond was when Thunderer recruited him and his boyfriend Flashlight to help to rescue Nix Uotan.

    Red Racer is the resident comic book geek expert of Justice Incarnate.

    Rebirth: Multiplicity

    The Death of Red Racer
    The Death of Red Racer

    When Prophecy began kidnapping Supermen/Superwomen throughout the DC Multiverse the Justice League Incarnate met with Superman and Red Son Superman to warned the Supermen of the incoming danger and aided them to find Kong Kenan, the Super-Man of China.

    He decides to build a new Ultima Thule and receiver which would require compressing thousands of years. Although Superman (Calvin Ellis) warns him regarding the fact that he most likely won't survive it during the process, Ray doesn't listen to him. Unfortunately, he doesn't survive it and it is Superman whom carries his dead corpse.

    Return From The Dead

    Refusing to accept the death of his lover, Flashlight went on a universal quest searching for the way to found him and bring his lover back.

    After asking for help to Optiman (who also had returned to the living thanks to something called the Black Lens) who indicate Ray a curious faster than light emmisions in deep space, and received the reject of his bosses, the Custodians of the Cosmos, Flashlight broke several rules of the Rainbow Patrol, including awakening the dangerous Prisioner X from the Gaolworld before going to face Inframan. Flashlight was convinced than Red Racer had became in some kind of coherent information, traveling back in time, causing an anti-entropy discharge than was being used by the villian Inframan to feed of the energy to grow in complexity and power. When Flashlight send the Un-Beast against Inframan, the villian was erased, leaving the energy free to materialize as a returned Red Racer, who embraced his lover, reunited again.

    Powers and Abilities

    Speed Force Conduit: The Red Racer possesses a strong affinity to the Speed Force which allows him to push the boundaries space and time.

    Dimensional Travel: The Red Racer can use his speed to travel throughout the DC Multiverse and other dimensions. During a battle with a corrupt Nix Uotan, The Red Racer raced across the multiverse recruiting a Flash army in order to create a powerful infinity mass punch.

    Enhance Physiology: As a conduit of the Speed Force, all aspects of The Red Racer physiology are accelerated and enhanced. This include: superhuman speed, stamina, agility, heighten mental acuity and senses, etc.

    Healing: By having a connection to the speed force, every speed force conduit has an incredibly fast healing ability and can heal from most injuries in seconds and devastating injuries in minutes.

    Superspeed: The Red Racer is one of the fastest speedsters in the Multiverse, capable of circling the Earth six times per second, reaching the speed of light etc.

    Time Manipulation: In order to rebuild the Ultima Thule The Red Racer compressed thousands of years in second seeming aging himself to death. However he turned himself into living information traveling backwards in time.


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