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    Character » Red Queen appears in 30 issues.

    Originally an English housewife. After traveling to Wonderland she becomes the Red Queen and arch nemesis of the Queen of Hearts.

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     Before Wonderland.
     Before Wonderland.
     Elizabeth Allen was the wife of scientist  Henry Allen, who discovered the portal to Wonderland. She lead the ordinary life of a middle class housewife in 19th century England until three children-- including her son William and his friends Julia and Bethany-- went missing. Her husband, as the only suspect, was murdered by the angry parents of the missing girls. 
    The whole ordeal drove Elizabeth into an insane asylum. Once there, a mysterious stranger (actually Charles Dodgson) brought the mirror to Wonderland into her cell. Seeing her son on the other side, she ventured through into Wonderland. There she found her son, now transformed into the  King of Hearts. Desperate, she attempted to make him remember his life before Wonderland. For that crime she is transformed into the Red Queen and imprisoned by the Queen of Hearts for many years. 

    Major Story Arcs

    After over a century of imprisonment, the King of Hearts is informed of the Queen of Hearts' departure from Wonderland. He uses the opportunity to free the Red Queen from her cell. She uses her abilities to animate an army from the environment and items around her and wage war on the forces of the Queen of Hearts. When the army of the Queen of Hearts has been defeated Elizabeth offers her son the chance to leave Wonderland. William cannot bear the thought of returning, as emotionally traumatized as he is. Refusing to abandon him, the Red Queen determined she would stay and vowed eternal revenge for the atrocities done to them both. 
    When Calie Liddle returned to Wonderland she first forced her way into the former castle of the Queen of Hearts, where the Red Queen had taken court. They narrowly avoided conflict. Elizabeth called off her minions when she heard that Calie had come to Wonderland to retrieve her kidnapped daughter. Feeling sympathy and a sort of kinship with Calie, she directed the young woman on the path to the Jabberwocky's den.


    Hometown: Canterberry, Kent, England 
    Height: 5'11" 
    Weight: 155 
    Eyes: blue 
    Hair: brown 
    Relatives:  Henry Allen (husband, deceased), William Allen (son) 


    The Red Queen is able to touch any inanimate object and  transmute it into living creatures of her imaginings, which follow her commands. She is also skilled in every form of armed and unarmed combat.

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