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    The crime-boss sister of the Suicide Squad member Yo-Yo.

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    Min Jie-Ru is a character introduced in the New 52, and is the brother of Chang Jie-Ru (Yo-yo), who is a member of the Suicide Squad.

    Min spent her life trying to make the best life she could for herself, treating the sacrifice that her father made through a life of crime with utmost reverence. However, her brother Chang represented the opposite side of that coin. Whereas Min concentrated on study, achievement and her career as a scientist, Chang took up their father's line of work. What more, Chang was constantly coming to Min with requests for money, and other resources to help bail him out of the danger that he had placed himself in through his nefarious activities.

    Eventually, Min worked her way onto the most elite staff of the Metropolis University, overseeing a lab whose experiments were centered around a geothermal reactor that could potentially power Metropolis forever. It was while her and Chang were in the room with this reactor that a battle Superman was having in Metropolis encroached on the University. Min was in the process of hurriedly shutting down the reactor when the chaos from the fight above fractured its shell, and both siblings were caught in the ensuing explosion.

    From that point onward, Min and Chang became decisively estranged - maintained by Min's refusal to associate with her brother. Some years later, through happenstance Chang had become a member of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad as the elastic Yo-yo. Chang was chosen to lead an assignment that included retrieving Min from the Tang Yan Fau in Chinatown. When the team reached the penthouse, it wasn't to find the Min that Chang remembered. She had been strangely morphed, and possessed bizarre powers centered around her new, plant-like physiology.

    Not only that, but Min was working under the supposedly deceased Regulus, and going by the name Red Orchid.

    Powers and Abilities

    Red Orchid appears to have an altered, plant-based physiology that allows the emission of airborne toxins and paralytics. She can also loose poison-laced thorns from her body with explosive force.

    prison mist ability
    prison mist ability


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