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The series which has been faltering a bit as of late refinds its footing here with a pretty strong issue.  The problem thus far (and really with many cosmic based series) was too much of a focus on Earth based stories.  Here that is mostly ignored with the new Earth based Red Lantern somewhat accepting his fate.  More so, the not as engaging battle between the two factions of the Red Lanterns comes to blows here, with a somewhat expected result.  In reality though, this had been a bit of non-starter for the series, as the more analytical fan would know that the series couldn't exist without both Bleez and Atrocitus.  Really though the series finds itself again here with a focus back on the cosmic scale, highlighting the underlying concept of this series on two separate planets.  This is where the series finds its heart and where it seems to be back on track.  With the Corps off to space to find what they can against their problems, the series looks a lot more exciting.  

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    I want to like this cover... but I can't. It feels like its trying too hard to capture the spirit of Blackest Night, when I think most people would groan at any near future return of the Black Lanterns. And that pun is almost groan worthy. 'Dead Lantern Corps?'And it seems like the universe is conspiring to spite me with irony. I'v complained so much about Ed Benes 'functional yet shamefully sexualized' artwork on this series, and after the excellent previous issue, we get Tomas Giorello; whom I...

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