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One of the marvellous things about fiction is that it can transcend the boundaries of the real world and make an issue much more concise.  In terms of science fiction this can fail spectacularly as it can miss the point entirely by confusing the issues, but when it is done right, it can be an absolute gem to read.  This issue is an example of the latter.  Atrocitus is looking for a place to focus his rage and he finds one in the planet of Ghan IX.  Ghan IX is a planet where the local inhabitants need peace but have appealed to an outside force to give it to them.  The outsiders however are not as benevolent as they first appear (thus in comparison this could be Iraq or Afghanistan or Vietnam).  As Atrocitus arrives he metes out his justice as he understands it, but the issue is not morally clear, the peacemakers aren't all bad after all, not do the locals have the purest of intentions.  This was absolutely fascinating in its looks at humanity as portrayed by two alien races, as seen through the eys of an outsider.  

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