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Welcome new artist MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

Continued from last month’s STORMWATCH #9!

BLEEZ and the rest of the surviving RED LANTERNS head for ZAMARON to confront the STAR SAPPHIRES about their role in the poisoning of the RED POWER LANTERN.


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I've just punched a cat 0

Not exactly par for what the series is expected to deliver, but in terms of what was needed, this goes pretty well to providing a pulse back into the story.  It is really pretty much of an aside though, but the Atrocitus versus Stormwatch battle was pretty fun, and took up the majority of the story here.  With the red power rings running out of power as well it is only a matter of time until the Corps is out of time.  Overall the pacing and dialogue in the battle was fun and engaging and the pro...

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Stormwatch #9.1 0

All right, Peter Milligan and Miguel Sepulveda on Stormwatch, that's what I like! Yeah! Ok so... oh wait. Right. This is Red Lanterns. I was confused for a second there because I saw Stormwatch with Stormwatch's regular artist and new writer. I kid, I kid.No wait, I take that back. This issue mostly felt more like an issue of Stormwatch than one of Red Lanterns. Part of it really was the art. Sepulveda's a WEIRD choice for Red Lanterns. An amazing one for Stormwatch (sad to see him go) but odd f...

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