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Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps return in their own series, battling against injustice in the most bloody ways imaginable!


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Sadist never looked so good. 0

Thank you Peter Milligan for being the deepest writer in comics psychologically. From insane stories like Shade, Face and Eaters, to the symbolic alchemy in Hellblazer, you get to the root of what makes people tick.  I am glad you are writing the Red Lanterns, because a lesser writer would have a lot of angry aliens beating things up without rhyme or reason.  The character piece stories of the 52 I find the most interesting because they create an accessible point.  This is ...

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What are you doing to my cat? 0

The concept behind villain driven titles is never an easy one to pin down.  Granted the Red Lanterns could be described as something more akin to an anti-hero, but it still leaves the reader with the problem of wondering if they should really become too invested in the success of the protagonists, in this case some characters that have done some not very nice things over the years since their introduction as ring bearing corps.  This issue though at least alleviates of distracts from that proble...

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Rage against something. 0

Review for Red Lanterns #1.  The Story: Atrocitus monologues about how they need to find a new drive for there rage and on earth we see two brothers mourning the death of their grandfather.  The Good: Milligan really gives us a good look at who Atrocitus is, whats his backstory and what his corps do. The one-sided conversation Atrocitus has Krona's dead corpse was really interesting and the way he comes to the conclusion he was married to the rage he had for him. The intro with Dex-Starr is also...

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