Red Lantern Power Battery

    Object » Red Lantern Power Battery appears in 34 issues.

    Created by Atrocitus, it is the power source of all the Red Lantern Rings. The battery is located on the Red Lantern Corps homeworld, Ysmault located in Sector 2814. It is made forging the energy of Rage from the emotional spectrum.

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    Forged by the Red Lantern Leader Atrocitus by his own pure hate on the Planet Ysmault: Space Sector 2814, The Red Lantern Central Power Battery stands tall in the center of a pool of the Blood of the Red Lanterns, which is described as "Liquid Fire". It is the source of power for all Red Lanterns and keeps their hate burning... It is also the sight where Atrocitus maimed and tortured his old foe Sinestro, who he recalls as the Former Greatest Lantern of them all---referring to himself as the current best of course. It is also where the Sinestro Corps went to battle with the Red Lanterns, in order to regain their leader from Atrocitus.

    During the battle, Hal Jordan and the Blue Lanterns arrive to join in, Where Sinestro triggers a burning flame of rage in his former student Hal Jordan when he kills one an old friend of his named Laira, who was just recently expelled from the Green Lantern Corps and joined the Atrocitus' Corps out of Anger. Her ring immediately replaces it's host with Hal and He immediately lashes out at Sinestro by trying to burn him to death in an electric chair construct that he made for him right next to the battery. Saint Walker then intervenes and douses Hal's burning hatred with his Blue Ring... and the fight then moves away from the Red Lantern Central Power Battery and breaks up.


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