Red Jack

    Character » Red Jack appears in 13 issues.

    A powerful God-like entity who collects butterflies. He claimed to be both Jack the Ripper and the Creator of the Universe.

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    Red Jack has gone by many names. Spring-Heeled Jack, Jack the Ripper, Saucy Jack, etc. Jack believes that he is God, and thinks that he created the universe. From what he says, he was imprisoned in his house for creating something in perfectly good nothing. When asked who imprisoned him, he said he did. The Doom Patrol met Jack when he kidnapped the comatose Rhea Jones to be his bride. They entered his house, which was full of bizarre and gruesome appliances. Crazy Jane was particularly stricken by Jack's enormous butterfly collection, all of which were alive and suffering.

    When the Doom Patrol encountered Jack, he explained how his house would intersect with their world from time to time, and that was when he would wreak havoc. He told how his power was fueled by suffering, which is why he had so many butterflies. He then proceeded to easily defeat the Doom Patrol.

    While the Doom Patrol was being creamed by Jack, Rhea partially awoke from her coma long enough to stab Jack in the back. At this moment Jane released all the butterflies. Jack was left powerless, and disappeared, leaving his empty clothes behind him.


    While the actual limitations of Jack's power is unclear, the means by which he grows stronger is known. Jack gains power from suffering.


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