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Red and Orange 0

Like last Issue, The reigning consensus I can give Red Hood and The Outlaws as a whole is: emotional, yet dumb. There's no getting around it when Red Hood stops nuclear arms smugglers in a submarine, and blows it up while he's swimming away. That's right, he EXPLODES a sub full of NUCLEAR DEVICES, and all he has is a headache and a busted arm. Wow I think I got stupider just writing that. In fact how could he possibly have gotten out without be crushed by the water pressure? But I digress. The s...

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A break from the action but still fantastic. 0

The Good: Everything was great. Though the issue spanned entirely of Starfire and Jason interacting, it was done perfectly. I loved how they came to know each other. I loved the revealing of both their pasts and just accepting each other as who they are. Jason was always so down on himself with hate and anger, Starfire has issues with her memory. Her memories are there but certain things she just can't remember. She remembers the adventures and nights with Grayson but can't put a finger on his n...

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Finally answers the questions we've been asking since issue #1! 0

First of all, I think this issue should finally put to rest all the doubters from issue #1. Lobdell has finally explained pretty much everything that happened in that issue and it's all had a purpose. I think it was the general cheese-cake-i-ness of the new 52 #1s that put everyone off.And we FINALLY get the answers that I think have been distracting everyone from the new 52. (At least it's been distracting me and a few of the CV regular podcasters) With a soft-reboot like this one, DC could hav...

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Different Kinds of Love 0

LOBDELL. STOP IT. JUST. STOP.Or maybe it's Bobbie, I don't know, I don't have something other than Red Hood on hand to compare, but Lobdell seems to be a magnet for this. But I just... UGH. Why the hell would you have an Editor's Note to explain that this issue takes place one month prior to the first issue as opposed to a more natural.... just... freaking normal text box or text that says so? That's how flashbacks are offset, with something in the series as opposed to a god damn Editor's Note t...

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Shocking Origins 0

Red Hood and the Outlaws hasn't been one of my favorite series in the New 52. I really liked the first issue, but then things started to go down hill for me. Does this issue bring up the series?  THE GOOD: I really like the art in this issue. Kenneth Rocafort has grown into one of my favorite artist from this series and I really like the way the characters look and how sketchy it looks but clean at the same time. The story is actually where I start to like this issue. We get to see Red Hood and ...

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Appreciate the past 0

I guess if there can be anything said for my observations thus far about this series, its that this issue proves mostly correct.  This issue is an origin one of sorts, still not fully detailing what Kory and Dick Grayson's past is together, but the way that she and Jason come together as a team here is much more clear.  Kory is displayed as a lot more of a character that can be associated with (especially as she is wearing normal clothes throughout this issue) but the real addition here is actua...

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