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Soaring Reliably Among the Reachable Stars

It's so adorable to see that Jason DID give that stewardess a call. It really justifies that early scene, where it felt like she was thrown in there to throw herself at Jason just to establish that he's "A total Batman level player." And then Starfire's in a full body costume; but I don't feel like either of these things were done in response to the controversy, I just think, mostly, that people jumped too hard and too quickly onto the idea of the controversy. This all feels intentional, we saw the surface level of these characters, and it took time for us to get to their cores. It's a little cheesy when she ends up in space with them and freaks out very stereotypically. But when Jason grabbed her roughly to move her out of the way AND SHE LIKED IT? Priceless.

Wait, if that alien dude was a friend of Starfire... why'd he attack Jason so out of the blue like that?

Jason and Roy seem to work best as a 'buddy cop duo' in unfamiliar situations. Their 'college boy' attitude bothered me in some issue, but their nerdlike amazement at the space stuff is just so endearing. In line with the cover, they feel so out of place in this issue in a way that really works. And to be fair, Roy and Starfire were a little out of place in the first in a way that also works. I'm expecting the next arc to be very Roy centric, probably something more gritty and real where the more mystically intuned Jason and alien Starfire will be out of place. And then Jason's girlfriend, who's out of place among those already out of place... it's all so damn fun.

Is that... a Dominator on her ship? OH GOD. I ONLY KNOW THEM BECAUSE OF LEGION. DAMMIT NEW 52! Oh no, wait, there were some in Green Lantern Corps a while back. Still though, what is up with that?

"K'tten?" REALLY? Ugh.

This issue may have been cut to 14 pages to accommodate the Essence co-feature, but it honestly doesn't feel that short. It picks up in a new arc, dumps the characters in a new situation, and doesn't rush before it gets to the not-over-the-top cliffhanger. Kenneth Rocafort's artwork is extremely apt in this issue, he captures the sprawling technology perfectly, and Ario Anindito's artwork on the co-feature is not too drastically different from Rocafort's, so there's a nice flow into the co-feature. I'm sure it won't gel for everyone, but I for one, LOVED Essence, and was extremely disappointed with her performance in the finale of the first arc. I'm super excited to essentially just see Essence.... (unintentional pun just realized) I'm super excited to just see her fight some Untitled. A Talon's getting his own series, why not Essence?

In Conclusion: 4/5

There's only been two issues of this series thus far that I didn't give a 4/5. This isn't the deepest or most intriguing series, but it's generally been a very solidly entertaining series, rarely letting me down, even though it doesn't totally reach for the skies.

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