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Some people are going to HATE it 7

Alright lets get to this right off the bat,I REALLY liked this issue I'm giving it 4 stars for a reason, but rest assured some people are going to hate the characterization of Starfire in this bookThe GoodAMAZING ART!!! I cant say it enough, I love the art in this book. It oozes with personality and the colors are outstanding, I also really like the way Jason is portrayed in this issue. He is very self assured and kind of a prick but its in a very likable way if that makes sense. It reminds me o...

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Yes...I willingly read a story featuring Jason Todd 8

Red Hood is busy putting together his team of mercs when his complicated past inserts itself into his present.The GoodI really liked the art in this book and many of the design changes didn't bother me at all.There was a lot of action in this issue and that looks to be the status quo from here on out.There was some genuinely humorous banter between Jason and Roy.This book clears up some of the things about Titans continuity I was wondering about.The BadDon't like Jason's new mask...seriously hel...

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It's Not For Me. 2

IT'S NOT FOR ME -- AND I'M A HUGE RED HOOD FAN!When it was annoucned that there was going to be a new ongoing series starring The Red Hood in DC's New 52 I was really hopeful that I was going to like it. I had enjoyed Grant Morrison's take on Jason Todd in his Batman and Robin run and I wanted to see more of the character in the DC Universe.I guess I should have been careful about what I asked for.I'm sure that some people are going to love Scott Lobdell's Red Hood and The Outlaws, but I for one...

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This is how you do a sexy book 10

They’re young, they’re amazingly skilled, they’re wanted fugitives and/or thrillseekers, they can take on armies and middle eastern countries and they’re so in over their heads.The Good:Rocafort: Normally, I’d call this “Art”, but Kenneth Rocafort does more than just comic book art. He does art-art. I would eat his art if it tasted as nice as it looks.Sexy: This is how you do a sexy book. You don’t need every female ever to run around in her underwear, but you need to have her act the part as we...

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I Like What I See of This Starfire. Oh Yeah. 7

Red Hood and the Outlaws is not a book that defies expectations. It is probably exactly what you think it is. Sex, violence and a dose of immaturity. What else would you expect? This is a series that stars Starfire, Red Hood and Roy Harper. It is what it is, and it does so in an entertaining fashion.The story begins with Jason Todd helping Roy Harper out of a tough spot in the Middle East, and Starfire lends a pair of... helping hands, as well. This is not the intended formation of a team, thoug...

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Red HOT 2

Scott Lobdell is writing most of the series relating to Teen Titans, does this series stick out? I would say that it will and does for a long time to come.   THE GOOD: I really love the art. I think it gives the story something special. I really loved the inner dialog in this issue. The characters actually have opinions on the other characters. I really think this series open in the best possible way. It gets readers hooked and I don't think it makes them confused at all. I know a lot of people ...

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Red Hood and the Outlaws is off to a rocky start 0

The Good-The art is perfect, it certainly fits the tone for the book. Also the chemistry Roy and Jason bring to the table lends the title some much needed humor, particularly there banter following Roy's rescue.The Bad- Starfire,all the changes she has went through for this makes her character almost unrecognizable. But this seems to be a result of her no longer having memories as she doesn't remember any of the Titans, and promptly has sex with Roy for no reason other then she wants to, she's p...

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Not from around here 6

Thus far at DC in the new 52 various characters have gotten a revamp and have often done so after a sort of theme.  In my opinion they have tried at times to either copy what works at Marvel, or tried to head off into a sub-genre of pop culture.  This sub-genre is what we get here, but the sub-genre which they seem to be emulating here is the Victoria's Secret fashion show watching college frat boy.  The plot here is kind of transparent, as a large portion of it seems to be focused on either the...

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More Starfire Please 0

Minor spoilers to follow:Oddly enough, I came away from this comic thinking it needed more of Starfire, in all senses, rather than less. Starfire. like Power Girl, seems to be one of those characters who has a lot of potential but who is usually treated like eye candy. The new 52 seems like a good time to give the character some depth. In that regard my main problem with this issue is that, while Starfire does some adult things like have sex with Roy Harper, she doesn't really act very mature wh...

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"Rescue" might be over-selling it. 0

Well folks, with this weeks releases of new number ones from DC Red Hood and the Outlaws has been one of the most talked about among DC fan boys and girls as the former Robin, turned dead, turned alive and then turned psychopathic foil for batman leads his own team of, so far, two former Titans on missions and jobs around the world. What is it that’s got everyone talking about this number one? Lets pick up Red Hood and the outlaws #1 and find out.The issue opens with Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal, ...

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I fought law and somehow ended up naked 0

So we have a Jason Todd who has experienced all the things in the former book, but for some reason is without Scarlet, and doesn't care at all about any of the things he previously cared about and is now dying hs hair again?A Roy Harper that is more or less how I know himA Kori that is now a slut with memory lose that looks down on humansI like the way the characters are introduced in this book, but the characters are those characters in name only pretty much.We're also introduced to yet another...

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I Fought the Law and Kicked its Butt 0

 I Fought the Law and Kicked its Butt : Well true beleavers I just pick this issue , and it  felt  like teen on edge looking   over  it , with Red Arrow (with his arm in tac no cyborgnetic arm ) and Jason Todd  aka  Red Hood  talking  to himself  or some figmint of his wrap mind who knows , any how  this has some the feel The Shield in opertion gunslinger  with JSA & Mago , which is cool. I'm looking forward the next issues to what happen next ....

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I have a Wildstorm of fever for Starfire. 4

How did Scott Lobdell think of this and how did he convince DC to trust him?  I am not saying this idea was horrible, but how does it come about as a monthly?  Really?  It is a reverse Three is Company, but with action and excitement.  Action and Excitement is what sells this comic, action from fight scenes to action in the sheets, this book sells sex and sells a whole "arsenal"... okay horrible joke, but you get the point.  Starfire is fully loaded after all.  Sorry again.  But if bad puns are ...

7 out of 9 found this review helpful.

Red Hood and the Outlaws - More Like Red Hood and the Beach Vacat 2

This is going to sound weird, but I'm kinda annoyed at Lobdell for writing these characters well enough that I like it.  You see, with all the new 52s and Marvel's constant events, I'm a little over my comics buying budget.  So I need to not like some of these titles.  But, no, Lobdell does as good a job writing adults as he does teenagers.It opens up with an action bit with Red Hood and Arsenal.  Mentions Batman and his past with the other members of the Bat Family but then basically says "F- G...

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Even with Rocafort's serviceable art, this book goes nowhere! 0

A cool concept and lots of potential doesn't always equal good results. "Red Hood and the Outlaws" #1 is a glaring example of that. Writer Scott Lobdell's first issue does nothing to create an engaging story nor introduce characters that I even remotely cared about.  Lobdell introduces his cast via a prison breakout scene and an afternoon on the beach at some tropical hideaway. Neither scenario is that effective mainly due to the uninspiring characters and some silly, heavy-handed dialogue. Lob...

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"As the good book says, "Go bold or go home!"" 3

Synopsis: Jason Todd, Roy Harper and Starfire come together to form a new group.What's Good?Red Hood and the Outlaws seems like a series that have characters that wants to do right, but are anti-heroes. Jason Todd is one of those characters who's not evil, but sees the world in a different view. Killing is not a problem for him. When it comes to Roy Harper, let's just say I'm so thankful Lobdell disregards the action taken place in Cry for Justice and The Rise of Arsenal, but sadly with a cost. ...

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And nobody was drinking a sex on the beach. 1

Review for Red Hood & The Outlaws.  The Storie: Jason breaks Roy from prison with the help of Starfire. They hang out on the beach and Jason goes to help out some old friends.  The Good: Kenneth Rocafort will quickly become one of my favorite artists, just the way he does action, character motions, it's all very over top and this series does have a very 80's action movie feel to it wich I can enjoy. Lobdell writes Jason as a very sarcastic fellow and seemsalways wants the very last word in a...

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Uninhibited Fanservice, And It Is Not Ashamed 2

The Good: Kenneth Rocafort's artwork is AWESOME. I fell in love with it on Action Comics, and it looks so damn cool here. Everything is just so awesome. Someone other than Judd Winick manages to write a good Red Hood, I'm impressed. Lobdell manages to capture the essence of the character in his actions, dialogue, and mannerisms. I also really like the hook with one of the groups that trained him. This is a good choice for a first arc, because it's working on establishing the hook in Jason that h...

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The Art Was Great... 21

I've always jokingly referred to Kory as "Slutfire" simply because I dislike the fact (and admit to needlessly hating on her) because of her relationship with Dick (insert penis jokes here).The fact that the nickname now actually applies doesn't really give me any joy. I was giddy for about fifteen minutes before it really sunk in what a low blow this was to the portrayal of women in comics. There's nothing wrong with a woman who's comfortable with her sexuality. There's nothing wrong with a wom...

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Not To Be Confused With The Outsiders 0

"I fought the law and kicked its butt!" The Outlaws is one of the newest books/team that the New 52 has spawned from it's side. With Jason Todd a.k.a. Red Hood, leading a lethal team of heroes who aren't afraid to kill -- You know things will get crazy every once and a while.The GoodOne of the few books that actually made me laugh while reading it, The Outsiders is considered a T+ book. Reasonably, this is no more a T+ book than Nightwing's title. Sure there is some mention of 'sex' here-and-the...

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Red Hood and the Letdown 0

After the "Batman: Under the Red Hood" movie and the "Battle for the Cowl" story arc, I have to say that Jason Todd/Red Hood is one of the characters I am the most interested in. I had high hopes for this comic when I heard about it on the NEW52 list a month ago, so this ended up being a bit of a letdown.This issue starts of strong getting right into the action, but goes down from there. It’s implied that Roy and Jason have had some sort of friendship prior to this, but it isn’t explained when/w...

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Despite it's flaws, it's quite entertaining 0

Just awful lookingRed Hood and The Outlaws is one of DC's actually completely original ideas though it's similarities to The A-Team are noted and so as a result, we have no real expectations for the book and that's a good thing. A team made up of Red Hood, Roy Harper, and Starfire at first glance is completely laughable but thinking about it, you begin to realize that they all fit together well as a team. Jason is a bit of wacko and essentially shunned by the rest of the Bat-Family because nobod...

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"Tanks! Don't Mention It" 0

Synopsis  The Good   The art is gorgeous! It's clean yet complex, and both characters and the actions scenes look fantastic. Roy looks grimy, shallow-eyed and generally terrible since he's been incarcerated, Jason looks as badass as his costume implies and Starfire has this sexy innocent alien vibe to her. To the people picking this up just for the cover, they will not be disappointed by the interior art.    There is a lot of humour inbued in this issue too. From the Tanks! word-pun to the jibes...

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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife 0

Oh yeah... Red Hood and the Outlaws. The first issue I read out of the New 52, I guess you could say I jumped on the wagon a little later than most. Now, I didn't have any knowledge about Red Hood prior to reading this comic. And the other two lead characters? ummm... I think I saw them on Teen Titans the TV show. So as you can see I was a total noob going into this book (with a little background research done on wiki). Anyway, when I saw this cover out of the list, something just screamed at me...

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Outlaws And Unaccepted 0

The Story: Red Hood breaks Arsenal out of a prison in Qurac. While relaxing on an island, a woman named Essence brings news about Jason Todd's past to his attention. My Thoughts:When this issue first came out I decided to pass on it strictly due to the fact I was picking up so many other issues at the time. I thought the combination of characters was interesting and with all the controversy surrounding this series, I decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. After finishing th...

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These Guys Mean Business!!!! 0

As the New 52 began i checked this comic and it was awesome. I'm so digging the new Red Hood costume because its better than his last one and is cooler. The new story great and shows Roy and Kory different now. I actually like the new Starfire because she tougher, does what she wants and looks very sexy. Roy looks cooler and is funnier too. The story shows Jason saving Roy and introduces the new characters and story. The ending will leave you wanting more and the art looks incredible too. Overal...

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An Awesome start to a new Series 0

Despite all the controversy surrounding this series (more specifically this issue), I loved it. With an opening that was exciting and different from the typical super hero fare and a mix of mystery and enigma to the rest of the issue, I was quite pleased with it. The dialogue was snappy and well written and I loved the artwork. The character designs are really cool and I'm excited to read each month's new issue....

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Everyone loves the Big Red Helmet 0

So I was a completely new reader to the DC world last Fall, with my first single issues of DC comics being those that belong to the New 52. At first I had planned to get the first issues of every release but that would have been pricey so I sold most of them away and kept a few of the ones that actually interested me, one of those being Red Hood and the Outlaws. First let me say that Red Hood is by far my favorite comic book character. I know for that comment alone the whole comic book communi...

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get over the starfire issue 3

seriously it is frustrating to all ends of the freaking earth to constantly hear "oh my god, starfire had sex with a guy for no reason" like it is a suprise. to say that shes changed, and all she is, is a sex-bot is a completely ignorant statement. this is the first issue, at this point we know nothing, nothing of her past, nothing to make her want to act out the way she is. as we can tell she cant remember crap, do we know why yet. NO!. will we find out? YES! Get over it. every judged this seri...

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A solid beginning to a great story 0

My review of red hood and the outlaws (issue 1):Even though I like Grayson a lot, red hood is my favorite robin and its good to see him have his own team. Kenneth Rocafort’s art looks fantastic, even though I'm not a fan of Jason's mouth...on his mask. Scott Lobdell is a talented writer and you can see that here. Arsenal adds a nice comedic touch to the comic, kind of weird being that at the start of the issue he was about to get executed. And then there is starfire...I was originally disgusted ...

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