Red Guardian's Shield

    Object » Red Guardian's Shield appears in 29 issues.

    An iconic shield and a representation of Russia's greatest hero.

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    The first Red Guardian to use a shield was Josef Petkus, the hero who would later become the Steel Guardian Just as the mantle of the Red Guardian had been passed down through the generation, so had the iconic, nearly indestructible shield. Over the course of time, the shield has seen many intense battles against the likes of the Skrulls, The Dire Wraiths, Combine, and other enemies that threaten the freedom of Russia and its interests.  
    Red Guardian
    's current shield is fashioned to resemble the Russian Coat of Arms and is cast from Vibranium. The unfinished shield serves as a lens for his powers and intensify the repulsion of his mutant energy. Inside the shield is a high density computer that uses a laser gyroscope to track it's flight path from it's point of origin. Activating this mechanism can make the shield return to it's take-off point. Circuitry in the suit allows Red Guardian to channel the impact directed at the shield to bolster his powers. As demonstrated in his fight against Hyperion in Age of Heroes #3, the shield and circuitry can be overwhelmed. 


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