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The Red Dyke is of an unknown origin; however, she has been raised to hate capitalists and has a history of sabotaging the bourgeoisie.


The Red Dyke was created by Bob Burden.

Major Story Arcs

Battle of the Bands

The Red Dyke and her crew of mobsters were attending a battle of the bands to make sure the group they supported, the Dixie Drug Addicts, would win the competition. Using her charm and wit she was able to seduce the lead singer of Rocket Head and the Invisible Jackets, Rocket Head, and wound up poisoning him to prevent him from singing in the competition. Unfortunately for her she didn't account for the Flaming Carrot who wound up covering for him.

In an attempt to defeat the Flaming Carrot she boarded a strange vehicle known as the Chirotractor, left behind by a group of chiropractors who had a convention earlier that day, and attacked the stage where the band was performing. The Flaming Carrot wound up boarding her vehicle and covered her eyes while she was driving it to prevent her from seeing. This caused her to drive the vehicle into the nearby lake. Her body was never found and it is unknown if she died or escaped.

Powers and Abilities

The Red Dyke has no actual powers; however, she is known for using her charm to seduce others into doing her dirty work for her. She is also the leader of a mob organization.


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