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Judge Straight, the youngest judge in the state, wanders the streets late one night after the wife of the man he sentanced to death criticised him for too closely following the letter of the law instead of his heart and being out of touch with the downtrodden. 

Coming across a black cat belonging to Bull Brewster, gang leader and murder victim of his last trial, Judge Straight takes the cat to the victim's address and poses as a thief looking for refuge to a member of the Brewster gang living there to take a look around.  

After being put up in Brewster's old room for the night, Straight finds a demon costume Brewster was wearing when he was murdered and decides to wear it, later while thus dressed he finds evidence of Brewster's real killer, taking this a a good sign he keeps the costume and wears it from time to time to investagate crimes he could not as a setting judge. 


Created by Bill Draut, this was to be a backup series for Simon & Kirby's Stuntman comic, which that was cancelled the four that where writen by a now unknown writer and drawn by Draut ended up in Black Cat Comics.


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