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    An imprint of Archie Comics that published characters unrelated to mainstream Archie Comics.

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    Red Circle Comics began publishing in October of 1973, after Chilling Adventures in Sorcery as told by Sabrina was turned over to them after its second issue was released. After passing into Red Circle's control, it was retitled as simply Chilling Adventures in Sorcery and released under this title for the following three issues. It was retitled again with the sixth issue, taking the name Red Circle Sorcery. The title lasted for a further five issues before being cancelled. In 1974 Red Circle published a single issue of The Super Cops, and several issues of Mad House. In early 1975 Mad House was taken from Red Circle's control and re-assimilated into the main Archie line. Red Circle did not publish anything for the next four years until, in 1979, they released two digests of superhero material that was originally released by Archie in the 1960s, under the titles Archie's Super Hero Special and Archie's Super Hero Comic Digest Magazine #2.

    This period of occasional dormancy was followed in the 1980s with a resurgence in the attempted use of Archie's superhero properties. Red Circle released a number of revived titles after the 1983 revival of The Mighty Crusaders. Some of the revived titles included Blue Ribbon Comics, The Comet and The Fly. In February of 1984 this new line was retitled as Archie Adventure Series. By September of 1985 all new titles in this line had been cancelled. There were plans to revive them under a new title, but these plans did not result in anything. Red Circle ceased publication, and Archie's superhero properties were leased to DC Comics.


    During its first phase of publication, 1973-1979, Red Circle released

    Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #3-5

    Red Circle Sorcery #6-11

    Mad House #95-97

    Super Cops #1

    Archie's Super Hero Special

    Archie's Super Hero Comic Digest Magazine #2

    During its second phase of publication, 1980-1985, Red Circle released

    Blue Ribbon Comics #1-14

    The Comet #1-2

    The Fly #1-9

    Lancelot Strong: The Shield, later retitled Shield-Steel Sterling, later retitled Steel Sterling, #1-7

    ManTech Robot Warriors #1-4

    Mighty Crusaders #1-13

    Original Shield #1-4


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