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Dizzy Cordova (100 Bullets #1) she successfully eliminated her target

Lee Dolan (100 Bullets #4) he was fooled into letting his target take advantage of him and ultimately kill him making it so he never existed

Chucky Spinks (100 Bullets #6) he killed and was killed by his target/best friend

Cole Burns (100 Bullets #9) the true purpose of his mission is a success and his "target" was killed but by a bullet meant for him

Lilly Roach (100 Bullets #11) her target was her husband Phil who she successfully murdered in their home

Mr. Branch (Prior to 100 Bullets #12) his entire scenario appeared off-screen but it is known he never killed anyone

Loop Hughes (100 Bullets #15)

Jack Daw (100 Bullets #21) the person responsible for ruining his life was himself, this left him with suicidal thoughts and confusion over what-to-do and although he used the gun and at one point tried to force Graves to take it back, he was awakened as a Minuteman before he could end up killing himself


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