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    An amalgamation of Larry Trainor, Eleanor Poole, and the Negative Spirit.

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    After leaving Valentina Vostok, the Negative Spirit (now a sentient being capable of speech) returned to Larry Trainor who was recovering from his injuries in Alamance Memorial Hospital. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, it forced Larry to open his ward's window and then press the alarm button. The sound of alarm caught attention of Larry's physician, Eleanor Poole, whose presence was needed to conduct a ceremony called "the alchemical marriage." Once she was there, the Spirit forcefully merged itself with Eleanor and Trainor, forming Rebis, who retained all the memories of the three and had both male and female physical characteristics.


    Rebis was created by writer Grant Morrison in the beginning of his critically acclaimed run on Doom Patrol.

    Major Story Arcs

    Crawling from the Wreckage

    Rebis accepted Niles Caulder's offer to join the new incarnation of Doom Patrol and fought alongside them a long time (including their battles with Scissormen, Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Red Jack and others). Around the time of the Doom Patrol's encounter with Shadowy Mr. Evans, Rebis shut hirself in a room to undergo a process called the Aenigma Rebis which basically included having sex with hirself and being reborn. It took about two weeks to complete and Rebis joined hir teammates during Mr. Nobody's presidential campaign but shortly after this left them again.

    While Rebis was absent, the team had one of its hardest times which was mostly caused by the Candlemaker who was brought into this world by Dorothy Spinner. It reappeared once again when the Candlemaker was about to destroy Robotman and saved the life of her old teammate. Together, they almost killed the malicious entity, but just before delivering the final blow the Negative Spirit left this body which was subsequently destroyed by their foe.

    Later, the remnants of Doom Patrol once again faced the Candlemaker in their headquarters. He defeated Will Magnus and Robotman who were trying to stop him, but his attempts to kill Dorothy were interrupted by Willoughby Kipling who came in carrying a grocery cart with giant glowing egg in it. The egg contained reborn Rebis in a new body who was able to shatter the body of the Candlemaker.

    After all those events Rebis chose to stay in Danny the World.


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