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"To Be a R.E.B.E.L.," part 2! As the R.E.B.E.L.S. openly challenge the Green Lantern Corps for the hearts and minds of the galaxy, Starfire learns the horrifying truth about the Psions – the alien race that destroyed her people.

Altin Ad'Ms and Gorius are infront of the Guardians of the Universe explaining what went wrong in their sector. Why Vril Dox is seemingly crontrolling the sector, why there is so much unrest and more importantly why did Gorius kill hundreds of her own spieces.

Gorius tries to defends her actions by explaining that she saw Starfire and know that she to had been torqured by the Psions. She begs Starfire to fallow her to her home planet of Psion and shows Starfire the atrocities that go on there. Starfire is moved by what the Green Lantern shows her and helps to stop the male Psions from using the females as test subjects and breeders. Just when i looks like the two heros might be helping, the male Psions blow up the female's testing lab destroying all evidence and killing hundreds.

Meanwhile, back at Rebel command, Adam Strange is tryin to convince the rest of the team that Vril is acting crazy and needs to be removed from power. Vril proves he is still incontrol by taking various actions. Most of all dropping that Psion contract because of what Starfire found, and because of what Starfire threaten to do.


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To Be A Green Lantern, More Accurately 0

R.E.B.E.L.S. gets dark this issue, and it makes for one of the better issues of the series. Once again, the focus of the issue isn't even a member of the team but one of the new Green Lanterns Tony Bedard has introduced for the Vega System. This is a spotlight issue for Gorius Karkum, co-starring Starfire.  Rape is the central topic of this issue, and Bedard and Kevin Sharpe aren't being shy about it. They very openly acknowledge it as part of Starfire's backstory, where other writers will often...

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