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    The Rebel Alliance, also known as the ''Rebellion'' or ''Rebels'', are a team of those opposing the evil Galactic Empire.

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    The Birth of the Rebellion

    With Palpatine's power growing greater numerous Senators of the Galactic Republic began holding secret meetings, preparing for the possibility of Chancellor Palpatine seizing complete control of the Republic, including Padme Amidalla and Jar Jar Binks of Naboo, Mon Mothma of Corellia, Bail Organa of Alderaan, Meena Tills of Mon Calamari, and Yarua of Kashyyk. The fears of these Senators were realized following the end of the Clone Wars, when Palpatine declared himself Emperor, and the Jedi enemies of the Republic, enemies of his Empire. Years passed and the Galaxy rapidly fell to the power of Palpatine's Empire, many races were enslaved, including the Mon Calamari and Wookiee people, the Galaxy needed a symbol a man who could give them hope, and they found one in the unlikely place of an aspiring Sith, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader, Galen Marek. Vader told Galen to assemble the enemies of the Empire, to rally them behind a symbol, so that they would be able to help overthrow the Emperor's tyranny.

    Galen succeeded, but it was soon apparent that Galen was a pawn, used to expose the traitors to Palpatine. They were captured as Vader and Imperial forces ambushes them on Corellia. Galen himself nearly died at the hands of his master in the ambush, but lived and managed to board the first Death Star, and rescue the Rebel Leaders at the cost of his own life. The newly formed Rebellion had now chosen a symbol, the family crest of the Mareks.

    Early Guerrilla Warfare

    The crew of the Ghost.
    The crew of the Ghost.

    During the beginning years of the Empire and subsequently the Rebellion and Rebel Alliance, many freedom fighters would form strike teams that would participate in guerrilla hit-and-run tactics against Imperial targets and stations, unsettling trade routes, destroying weapon shipments, and constantly being a thorn in the Empire's side, among other things. One of these most known groups was the crew of the Ghost, whose members consisted of Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Zeb Orrelios, Ezra Bridger, and the astromec droid Chopper. This crew would go through any adventures that pitted them against the Empire and their agents, which included stealing weapon shipments, destroying supply bases, saving Force-sensitive children from the Imperial Inquisitors, securing resources for the Alliance, and eventually teaming up with Alliance agent and Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano.

    Attack on the Death Star

    As the Rebel Alliance became aware that the Empire was building a massive space station, they attempted to capture and steal any plans and technical readouts of the Death Star that they could in the hopes of analyzing it and finding a weakness that they could exploit. A team of Bothans managed to steal the plans and beam them to Tantive IV, the diplomatic ship of Princess Leia, daughter of original founder Bail Organa and youngest member of the Imperial Senate. Darth Vader manages to figure out that the ship he was chasing beamed transmissions to Tantive IV and pursued it all the way to the space around Tatooine, where his Star Destroyer disabled the ship and left it without any power to move.

    Taking the ship into the Star Destroyer's hangar, Vader and a contingency of stormtroopers invade the ship, only to find no plans on board. Princess Leia, who realized they would be overrun, put the plans inside of an R2 droid, R2-D2, and sent him off in an escape pod down to the planet's surface with orders to get the plans to Obi-Wan Kenobi. On Tatooine, the plans fall into the hands of local farmboy and friend of Kenobi, Luke Skywalker. Stormtroopers reach the planet and kill Luke's Uncle and Aunt, prompting him to join Kenobi as he travels to Alderaan to meet with Bail Organa. In Mos Eisley, the two meet up with pilot and Wookie co-pilot Han Solo and Chewbacca who agree to take them to Alderaan.

    The Rebel Alliance plots to destroy the Death Star.
    The Rebel Alliance plots to destroy the Death Star.

    On the way there, they find that Alderaan has been destroyed by the Death Star and are taken captive on board the battle station. Luckily for them they manage to hide in the ships' smuggle compartments, jump a group of stormtroopers, and barricade themselves inside a control room. Realizing Princess Leia, who had previously been transported to the station by Darth Vader, was aboard, Skywalker and Solo come up with a plan to infiltrate the cell block level with their "prisoner" Chewbacca and free the Princess. After a small firefight ensues, the three of them manage to grab the Princess and make their way back to the hangar. Kenobi at this time had gone off on his own to disable the ship's tractor beam so as to allow the gang to escape and jump to lightspeed. They manage to enter the Millennium Falcon, Solo's ship, and escape, although at the cost of Kenobi's life. With the Princess and the plans, as R2-D2 was with them the whole time, the gang heads to the rebel base on Yavin IV to strategize a battle plan that would allow them to destroy the Death Star.

    Not too soon after, the Death Star would enter the system as the Empire had put a tracking device on the Falcon. After analyzing the station's technical data, the Rebel leaders came up with a weakness in the station, a small exhaust vent only a few meters wide. As the Imperial forces closed in on their base and without any better plan, the rebels took to their starfighters, X-wings, and then took off the engage the enemy.

    The Rebel fighters attacked the Death Star, making several preliminary strikes to several key points on the station, including small hangars on the surface to limit it's ability to launch fighters, then sent into action their main offensive attack. The assaulting fleet consisted of almost two dozen X-wings, eight Y-Wings, and a pair of R22 Spearhead starfighters. As they scouted out a way to attack the exhaust port, the Rebel fighters began to become suspicious as to why no enemy TIE fighters were engaging them, thinking surely they would be a help to the station's defenses. The squadron leaders just advised their pilots to be on the lookout as they found their target, a large trench that would be able to allow the fighters to build up enough speed to fire off a proton torpedo at the exhaust port, which would then be strong enough to reach the main reactor core and cause explosions all around the system.

    An X-wing hangar on Yavin 4.
    An X-wing hangar on Yavin 4.

    The Rebels' main offensive bombing run was then been planned for three attempts at the trench run. Unfortunately, as Darth Vader realized their intent, he took a squad of TIE fighters and strove to pick off the Rebel fighters. The Rebels then divided up their forces, allowing for certain squads to try their luck at the trench run while others defended against the TIEs. The first and second runs were executed by Gold Squadron, consisting of three Y-wings, and a squadron of three X-wings called Red Squadron, both of which were unsuccessful and missed the small exhaust target. With their forces dwindling and the Death Star nearing their base, the Rebels were running out of time. The third and last run, however, was led by Luke Skywalker and two other X-wings, one of which was damaged and had to pull out while the other was destroyed.

    Channeling a newfound power called the Force, Skywalker called back his targeting computer and, with the help of Han Solo returning to the fight, was able to shake off Vader's fighter and shoot his torpedo into the exhaust port. The following explosion saw the destruction of the Death Star and the protection of the Rebel base and members on the moon.

    Search for a new Home

    With the Empire now aware of the base at Yavin 4, the Rebels quickly evacuated and left the system in search of a new planet that would be their new home. Using the Rebel Fleet as their temporary base, Rebel pilots are sent off to distant, uninhabited planets rich in resources that would be ideal for the Rebel Alliance's new home and pursue this strategy for the next two months. After a failed mission to the Dominus sector, Rebel Leader Mon Mothma calls in Princess Leia for a debriefing about a new top secret mission. It is revealed that the Rebel Alliance has a spy, and that it is someone high up on the Alliance food chain. Leia is then tasked to gather a small squad for her mission with the directive "Find a new home" or "Locate the spy".

    Leia soon forms a squadron of some of the best pilots in the Alliance, outfits them with new prototype X-wings and even gives them new quarters. With the squadron now assembled, its members run flight simulations and test flights for a short time before attempting to locate and draw out the spy. Leia proposes to Mon Mothma that they should start leaking false information, and gathers a small number of her team to scout out more possible planets for a base.

    This plane was actually a ruse, however, as Leia had her droid C-3PO slice the squadron's travel information into the Alliance databanks, intending to have the spy draw themselves out. As Leia and fellow pilot Wedge Antilles travel to the Phybus system, they are intercepted by Imperial forces and forces to head planet side to evade their fire. This disturbed Leia as the information for the flight plan to Phybus wasn't part of the false information she leaked, but part of her personal files. As her and Wedge do their best to escape the system, a new advanced squadron of TIE pilots engages the two and Leia is seriously injured before meeting up with two more of her pilots.

    Princess Leia's secret stealth squadron, later known as Rogue Squadron.
    Princess Leia's secret stealth squadron, later known as Rogue Squadron.

    Luke Skywalker, however, would have a vision in the Force from Kenobi, alerting him to the danger Leia was now in. Along with Luke and pilot Prithi's help, Leia and the pilots are able to return to the fleet and Home One, but in doing so travel straight back to the fleet without using any of their pre-planned safety jumps, which are a series of random jumps so as to keep the Empire off their trail. As such, the security of the Fleet is again compromised, but Skywalker and Antilles are granted top security clearance and brought up to speed on Leia's mission, as they set out to finish what she started.

    Although they had made considerable progress and managed to destroy the Empire's Death Star, the Alliance was still in a heap of trouble. Following the events of Alderaan, not many star systems wanted to ally with or become the Alliance's new home for fear of attack by the Empire, and without a proper base to act out of, they were running out of supplies and fast. As soon as Princess Leia recovered, she resumed her duties as she attempted root out the Alliance spy. Luke proposes to send him and Wedge undercover as prisoners to infiltrate Colonel Bircher's Star Destroyer, the one that always seems to know where they're going, so they can bug their transmission system to find out who Bircher is talking to.

    The two incite a riot to cover their escape as they escape and make their way to the data core facility, finding a squad of stormtroopers guarding the place. Luckily, Skywalker packed his lightsaber in spare parts and built it up to use, allowing for him to cover Antilles as he sliced the bug into the Imperial systems. As they escaped, though, their escape ride, pilot Prithi, was forced to return to the fleet, which alerted them to incoming attack from Bircher.

    With the fleet armed and prepared, they are able to put up some resistance, but the Imperial forces hinder their ability to escape, causing them to abandon hope of retreat and make a stand. Leia has returned, as well as Skywalker and Antilles, and the Rebels send out their forces to defend their fleet and capital ships. After a quick engagement, however, the Rebels are ordered to stand down as a lone TIE Interceptor makes it way into Home One's hangar bay. Leia and her squadron soon learn that Bircher is actually Mon Mothma's nephew and agent that was inserted into the Empire prior to the Battle of Yavin and that he has been a reliable source of information for the Alliance. After everything gets cleared up, the Alliance repairs their ships and heads to the planet Arrochar that Leia had previously scouted on a solo mission.

    Arrochar has wanted to join with a larger community of worlds and has agreed to join the Rebel Alliance by wedding Princess Leia and Arrochar's own Prince Kaspar. The Alliance begins to make Arrochar their new home, with permission to build a base on a former mining site and Leia's former stealth squadron, now officially named Rogue Squadron, instruct the Arrochar pilots in how to use and operate Z-95 and T-65 Headhunter-class starfighters, in an attempt to further form ties of friendship and good will between the Rebels and the local citizens.

    The Rebel base on Arrochar.
    The Rebel base on Arrochar.

    As Leia was prepared and ready to marry the Prince, a contingency of soldiers from Arrochar that wanted to see the planet aligned with the Empire bombed the building Leia and Mon Mothma were in, intending to take out the Rebel leaders. As the bomb went off, three Star Destroyers entered the system and made their way to the Rebel's side of the planet with orders to bombard the city from orbit. The Rebels on the ground manage to escape the city and make their way to their ships and base. Using their newly constructed ion cannon, the Rebels were able to defeat the Star Destroyers by raining laser cannon fire down on the powerless ships, managing to save the royal city below and its inhabitants. However the Empire now knew of Arrochar and the Alliance left the system, deprived of another home.

    After Arrochar, Rebel Agent Seren Song would come out from deep undercover and request extraction from the planet Lotho Minor after being hunted by bounty hunter IG-88 and trapped on the planet. Rebels Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker would receive the call for help, as it had been broadcast over the commercial holo channels and had specifically mentioned Leia's name, and travel to the planet to free the Intelligence Agent. Song manages to escape to the planet Oaka Prime, thinking she'll wait for pickup from Leia, only to find IG-88 attached to her ship. Luckily, Leia arrives with her friends in the Millenium Falcon shortly after.

    After a skirmish with the droid bounty hunter, Song is rescued and taken back to the Rebel Fleet, still on the move and making random lightspeed jumps to deter Imperial forces and their pursuit. With Song's information, which was geological surveys done by Imperial crews to other planets, Song tells Leia that if the EMpire didn't find a planet suitable, they would abandon it and not return. With the info she'd gathered over the years, the Alliance would be able to know where the Empire had been, where to hide when things get rough, and where to send advance teams in the future. The information would shortly be passed to Mon Mothma.

    Defense/Destruction Echo Base

    Rebel soldiers defend their base against Imperial AT-AT walkers.
    Rebel soldiers defend their base against Imperial AT-AT walkers.

    The Alliance would soon find and make its home on the planet Hoth, a planet so cold and frozen that no civilized life is present on it. Because of the system's remoteness and climate, which makes it hard for sensors to pick them up, Hoth makes for an ideal base to act from in their repeated strikes against the Empire, which they named Echo Base. The Rebels build large shield generators and underground caverns to live in, since the temperature above ground is constantly cold and snowing. The Rebels wouldn't make Hoth their home for too long now, as they are warned of an Imperial invasion when General Han Solo and Chewbacca shoot down an Imperial scout droid that crash landed on the surface. As they are preparing to evacuate, they are alerted to a fleet of Star Destroyers coming out of hyperspace, and prepare for the ground troops they send.

    Rebel soldiers line up in trenches and mount cannon turrents outside the base in an attempt to defend their shield generator from the Imperial's AT-AT walkers. Their cannons and weapons are useless against the walkers, though, and Rebel pilots then take their Snowspeeders to slow them down and buy time for Rebel leaders, members, and crew to evacuate the base on their transports and escape with the protection of the base's ion cannon.

    The Snowspeeders manage to destroy a few of the walkers by tying up their legs with cables and destroying the downed machines, but one of them manages to penetrate far enough past the Rebel lines to destroy the shield generator. With their main defense gone, the Rebels abandon the fight to prevent further losses and pile into their transports, narrowly escaping the invading Snowtroopers and Darth Vader. The Rebels would then meet up and perform random hyperspace jumps to not allow the Imperials to follow them.

    Victory against the Empire

    A year after Hoth, the Rebel Alliance learns that the Empire has been constructing a second Death Star around the forest moon Endor. Through their network of spies, the Alliance learns that this Death Star isn't complete or operational and that it is protected by an energy shield that is based off of the moon. A small strike team is gathered and manages to steal a supply ship, intending to use that to gain access to the moon. With the rest of the Alliance, they plan to insert a small strike team onto the moon to disable the shield while they end a force in space to destroy the second Death Star by blowing up it's power core. To divert attention away from their plans and to try and draw the Imperial Fleet away from noticing Endor, the Alliance gathers a majority of their fleet around Sullust.

    With their plan set and the Imperials apparently unaware, the Alliance sends General Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and Chewbacca with a team of commandos in the captured shuttle to the moon's surface, while the rest of the fleet waits for a timetable to attack the second Death Star. When the timetable came, however, the team on the ground hadn't yet deactivated the shield because they had been captured by a legion of stormtroopers who had been notified of the attack and sent there ahead of time by Emperor Palpatine himself. As the fleet had already traveled to the Death Star, they began to cut off from their attack only to run into the Imperial Fleet, now flanking them from the side. The Emperor had foreseen the attack and ordered his fleet to the system, intending to cut off the Rebels during their attack. Stuck between the Death Star and Star Destroyers, General Lando Calrissian suggests to attack the Star Destroyers in the hopes of taking a few of them out, knowing they couldn't attack the Death Star just yet.

    Rebel ships attacking the second Death Star above Endor.
    Rebel ships attacking the second Death Star above Endor.

    On the forest moon, all seemed lost for the captured team until a large force of Ewoks surrounded and attacked the stormtroopers, causing them to break ranks and fight the Ewoks instead of finishing off the Rebels. With their help, the rebels defeat the stormtroopers and destroy the shield generator, allowing for the Fleet in space to start their attack. Unfortunately for the Fleet, the Death Star is actually functional and starts blasting some of the Alliance's ships out of the sky. With the superweapon active, the larger Rebel ships continue to engage the Star Destroyers in the distance while their smaller ships head into the heart of the incomplete station. After dodging all sorts of TIE fighters and other fighter ships, General Calrissian leads a group of X-wings and manages to destroy the power core of the station, resulting in its destruction. The Imperial Fleet then flees into space and leaves the Rebel Fleet now victorious.

    Before the destruction of the station, now Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker managed to get aboard and challenge Darth Vader and convert him back to the light, throwing the Emperor down a reactor shaft and killing him.

    With the second Death Star destroyed and the Emperor dead, the Alliance had won the day and defeated the Empire again, putting them in a great position to finish off the leaderless Empire in the months to come.


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