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    Character » Rebecca Reed appears in 33 issues.

    Rebecca Reed is Firebird, a superhero that uses her power of flight and fire projection to fight crime. Her daughter, Emily Reed, has the same power and is also named Firebird.

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    Mother Daughter Firebirds
    Mother Daughter Firebirds

    Rebecca Reed is a superheroine known as Firebird. At some point in time during her career she told her father and a doctor about her secret identity should something happen to her. She eventually became pregnant and had a daughter, Emily. Fearing for her daughter's safety, Rebecca sent her daughter to prep schools during her youth to keep her safe. However this alianted her from her daughter as the two almost never saw one another.

    At some point in time Rebecca met F.L.A.G. agent Maddie Warner. The two still have unresolved issues that have yet to be disclosed.

    Rebecca went on a mission for the United States government along with members of the Noble Family (Frost, Celeste Noble, Rusty Noble), Venture and Cosmic Rae to rescue scientist on another world. In actuality they traveld to another dimension and found that the US Government had invaded and they were to rescue soldier and a few scientists. The world's leader was actually Gaia Noble's father (and Frost's grandfather).

    During a battle with the supervillain Zero Rebecca was critically wounded. She lost so much blood that she specifically required a transfusion from Emily (now 15 and still unaware of her mother's secret) due to her metahuman genes. Rebecca managed to make it to her father's house where she passed out on his couch after scaring him with her loud arrival. Emily's grandfather then travelled to remove Emily from school and bring her to the hospital. Along the way he revealed the reason why only Emily was the only person who could donate blood.

    Rebecca was very angry with her father about disclosing her identity to Emily but her father's rebuttle about saving her life ended her anger. Rebecca expressed her insecurities about raising Emily as she had never been a mother to her daughter, and didn't remember enough of her own mother to do an adequate job. Her father gave her a few words of encouragement and sent Emily in. Emily vented about not being let in on her secret and during the discussion Rebecca informed her daughter that she should move back in with her as she was manifesting her powers. Emily turned and saw that she had set the wall ablaze and reluctantly agreed.

    Rebecca began teaching Emily the basics. She taught her how to create fire, shoot fire, and eventually manipulate fire. When she felt Emily was ready she took her flying for the first time. Emily expressed her doubts but Rebecca assured her that should she fall, she would catch her. Upon letting go of Emily's hand the young girl took to the skies.

    Rebecca had a rematch with Zero who escaped from police custody and proceeded to get her attention by attacking the Judge's family that sentenced him.

    Emily tried to fight him but was not match as she was too new to the superhero game. Rebecca arrived and defeated Zero by blasting him through the roof using her thermal vision to see her opponents body heat (or lack thereof).

    The two Firebirds protected Tower City for a time when Captain Dynamo was assassinated.

    Rebecca and Emily became temporary members of the Dynamo 5 team with Scrap, Quake and Vigil when the siblings quit over personal issues. She was injured by Zero after Firebreak neutralized the Firebirds powers. She was visited in the hospital by Hector Chang (Visionary) who brought her flowers. Hector has begun dating Emily, much to Rebecca's initial approval. Emily was seriously wounded in a battle against the sons of Dominex, an alien seeking to challenge Earth's champion(s). Rebecca was present years prior for Dominex's defeat so she know how outclassed her daughter was. She lashed out at Hector for allowing Emily to fight them.

    Some time later Rebecca authorizes to have Emily's powers suppressed until her daughter is older, despite her protests.


    Pyrokinesis: Rebecca can psionically control and manipulate fire.

    Flight: Rebecca can manipulate thermal drafts allowing her to fly

    Thermal Vision: Rebecca can see in the infrared spectrum.


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