Rebecca Marchand

    Character » Rebecca Marchand appears in 11 issues.

    Rebecca is the daughter of Aeturnum (Michael Marchand) and an ally of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew). She has now become a superhero herself, following in her aunt's footsteps.

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    Creation and Evolution

    Rebecca Marchand was created by Karla Pacheco and Pere Pérez and debuted in Spider-Woman #1. She later debuted as a superhero in Spider-Woman #14.


    Early Life

    Rebecca was born to her father Michael Marchand and her mother Alison Jones. Her mother passed away during childbirth due to the radiation from the Drew/Marchand family (originating from how Spider-Woman got her powers). Rebecca inherited similar complications her mother had from the radiation and, since she didn't have Spider-Woman's radiation immunity, was unable to walk.

    Birthday Party

    At Rebecca's birthday party, her father hired her aunt Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) - but at this time Jessica did not know that she was related to Michael and Rebecca - to be the bodyguard. It was revealed that Rebecca's favorite hero was Captain Marvel and Jessica fought off Rebecca's would-be kidnappers.

    Wundagore Mountain

    After almost being taken hostage by her father's doctor, Rebecca escaped with Michael and Jessica in a jet, but they ended up crash-landing on Wundagore Mountain. There, they met up with the clone of Miriam Drew and were confronted by Octavia Vermis and her forces. The family fought them off and the clone sacrificed herself so the family could escape.

    Becoming a Hero

    After Jessica obtained the cure, she gave a copy of it to Michael for Rebecca. Instead of giving it to her, he was wary of the dangers and tested it on Rose Roche. However, he ended up losing the copy and its data, which meant he couldn't cure Rebecca. Rose sent some criminals after Jessica to get her original cure and when she learned that, she confronted them.

    Michael attacked her and called himself Aeturnum which was when Rebecca walked in. Michael, growing weak, told Rose to take care of Rebecca. However, Rose mind-controlled Jessica into forcing herself, Rebecca, and Rebecca's dog Marv into a plane.

    At the last minute, Rebecca woke Jessica up and they escaped the plane before it exploded. Rebecca then went with Jessica to meet up with Jessica's best friend Lindsay McCabe who was babysitting her son Gerry Drew. Rebecca led them to one of her safe houses and told them about her mother. She revealed to them that she had made her own superhero suit to fight alongside Jessica, to get her father back to normal, and to defeat Rose. She was eventually able to get Jessica to allow her to fight with her.

    When she and Jessica went to defeat her father and Rose, the four started fighting. Rebecca fought Rose and, even with the fight not going in her favor, Rebecca managed to use an opportunity she had when Rose was distracted to fight back. After she defeated Rose and Jessica defeated Michael, Rebecca declared that she would take over Marchand Pharmaceuticals.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rebecca has no powers but designed herself a superhero costume to fight alongside her aunt Jessica Drew. This costume has allowed her to wall-crawl. She also possesses a hi-tech battle staff that can be used as an electrically-charged melee weapon, fire web lines, or fire electric blasts. She also possesses combat skills.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blonde



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