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    A debt collector who was sent to limbo and turned into a demon bounty hunter by Madelyne Pryor.

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    Kidnapped by Ben Reilly
    Kidnapped by Ben Reilly

    Gus was professionally a debt collector (and secretly a serial killer with a torture chamber in his attic). He was trying to collect on Peter Parker’s medical bill from McCarthy Medical Center from when he was bedridden by the U-Foes. He would often hang outside Peter’s apartment hoping to run into him. He would often miss Peter, who would swing home as Spider-Man onto the roof. One day, Gus ran into Ben Reilly (who was angry and spiteful toward Peter at the time) and mistook him for Peter. Ben decided to take his anger out on Gus and brought him to Limbo for the plot against Spider-Man he was planning with Madelyne Pryor. Ben and Madelyne used him as a test subject for the fruit that would free him of his soul (and thus his memories). Ben and Madelyne planned to use the fruit on Peter and Jean Grey respectively to steal their memories to fill in gaps in their cloned minds.


    Gus first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2022) by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.

    Major Story Arcs


    Demon form
    Demon form

    After establishing the Limbo Embassy and cooperating with the New York City government, Madelyne Pryor promised to clean up the streets of any escaped demons. To do so, she needed an agent and decided to dig up Gus. His history as a debt collector lended itself a demonic irony, so she upgraded him with demonic shapeshifting abilities and a magic void with which to capture and contain demons until he can transport them back to Limbo.

    While repossessing members of the Insidious Six, he crossed paths with Spider-Man and Rek-Rap and recognized Spider-Man as Peter Parker. Because he still believed Parker was the man who brought him to Limbo in the first place, he became obsessed with repossessing Spider-Man in addition to the other demons. In attempt to get collateral, Re-Po kidnapped Randy Robertson and stashed him in his old torture attic.

    Thankfully, Rek-Rap and Spidey were able to team up and save Randy, delivering Re-Po and by extension the Insidious Six back to Limbo. Pryor punished Re-Po for reverting to his murderous ways and reluctantly gave Rek-Rap the hero's welcome he requested.

    Powers & Abilities

    Demon: Re-Po was revived by Limbo magic with superhuman abilities.

    • Shape-Shifting: Re-Po was given a pallid complexion and could grow extra limbs and a large mouth.
    • Void: His larger mouth could be used as a void to Limbo's Limbo.

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