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Unable to deal with the consequences of Jaspers' Warp, the S.T.R.I.K.E. is officially disbanded, and in its place is founded the Resources Control Executive (R.C.X.). Its members use codenames inspired by biblical figures.

One of its first assignments was to tak einterest in a large amount of new born children all around the Great Britain who possessed super powers or strange abilities, which were codenamed Warpies.

Between the members or R.C.X. are (or were): Dr. Crocodile, Gabriel (former S.T.R.I.K.E. agent), Michael, Peter (Nigel Orpington-Smythe, ex-Minister of Defence).

After the disband of the agency, most of their agents were taken by the new founded Black Air agency.


Created by Jamie Delano and Alan Davis and first seen in Captain Britain v2.

Major Story Arcs

Days of Future Yet to Come

In the alternate world of Earth-811, the R.C.X. means "Resistance Coordination Executive". They oppose Ahab dictatorship and the use of the Sentinels to slay all the mutantkind. Its members include Albion, Breeze, Grace (from the Knights of Pendragon), Arthur (a doppleganger version of Nigel Orpington-Smythe using a Iron Man armor type), Dark Angel, Death's Head, Killpower & Motormouth, Tangerine, and others.


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