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Razziatore is a time-pirate from the twenty-third century, working for the Organization, a crime syndicate specialized in time travel. His real name is unkown, and Razziatore was actually the nick name of Kronin, another time-pirate. The only thing known about him is that he's got a son, Trip.


Razziatore appears for the first time in PKNA#0.2, written by Alessandro Sisti, drawn by Claudio Sciarrore, and coloured by Max Monteduro.

Character Evolution

Born as enemy for Paperinik (often called in this version Pikappa), they soon develop a friend-enemy relationship, growing a sense of mutual respect and helping each other.

Mayor Story Arcs

The Wind of Time

Paperinik is investigating on a series of crimes, commited by criminal who appears to have peculiar abilities. Predicting where he'll stike next, they meet in a facility and have a fight. The thief, who claims to be called Razziatore by his victims, has the upper hand, and gets Paperinik shot on security videos.

In their next fight, Paperinik, better prepared, wins. Consequently, Razziatore travels back in time and advices Angus Fangus about the whereabouts of Pikappa the night of their fight. He creates so even more evidences suggesting that Pikappa would actually be the thief.

For the final fight, Paperinik gets help from Lyla Lay, who reveals to be a robot working for Time Police. She explains that Razziatore is gathering material to build a Cronovela, a machine able to modify at will time and history. They organize a trap for Razziatore in a bank's caveau, and exploiting a temporary phenomenon hindering time travel, they catch him.

Day of the Cold Sun

Paperinik notices that lately Lyla is acting weird. Following her he partecipates to a meeting with other members of Time Police, who tell him about the escape of Razziatore and his presence in twentieth century.

He finds Razziatore going on a rampage, but he explains that he was willing to have his attention. Travelling in the past to talk freely, Razziatore explains that he stole a machine called Altronave, able to move freely in an infinite number of dimensions. But he need an energy source enough strong, so wants to exploit an accident in Duckburg that will occour soon in Pikappa's time: a failed experiment with cold fusion that will destroy the town. Time Police knows this (save for Lyla; being the agent assigned to that period, she might be temped to prevent it), but won't do anything about it, because it's a big historical moment. Razziatore proposes Pikappa to help him gathering the energy of the explosion in his Altronave, allowing him to loot other dimensions, but saving Duckburg. Paperinik agrees, but at one condition: he wants to examine the machine.

After infiltrating in the facility, they're discovered by Lyla, who decides to trust Paperinik and follow his plan. Noticing that the explosion is in late, Time Police takes action. However, Razziatore manages to gather the Energy of the explosion, but is tricked by Pikappa. Uno discovered that the Altronave lacks a guide system. So the city is safe, and Razziatore, freezed between infinite universes, can be captured by Time Police.

Carpe Diem

The Organization, helped by Pikappa, rescues Razziatore to bring him in action. He and Paperinik have to prevent a failed experiment occoured in twenty-fourth century which will cause the end of time backwards.

While infiltrating inside the factory, Razziatore reveals to Pikappa that his bosses plan to imprison him in the past after completing the mission. He then proposes Paperinik to give him the reactor they're looking for, so that he can rebuild the Altronave. In exchange he will personally bring Paperinik back to Duckburg. The hero is forced to accept.

After saving the day, they head back to Duckburg, but Pikappa reveals that the reactor has actually lost all his potential, so is useless. Razziatore then leaves it to Pikappa, considering the device useless, and goes away.

Ancient future

Paperinik and Layla get transported by accident in a parallel dimension (of fantasy middle-age style). They only option of return is retrieving the "cup of light", an ancient tool able to travel through time and space. The cup in in possesion of "the Ancient One", a dictator ruling the land. They join the rebel army to get into the capital. But once they are in front of the Ancient One, they find out that he's actually an old Razziatore from a parallel dimension, who had been ordered to steal the cup, but instead of bringing it back to the Organization, escaped in a parallel dimension and became his king.

At this point, Lyla reveals to be a copy of the original, and this one is actually a robot send by the Organization to catch Razziatore, guilty of betrayal. He and Pikappa join forces to defeat her, and then Razziatore uses the cup to send back Paperinik.

The day that will come

Pikappa is taken in custody in Time 0, Time Police's headquarters. He's accused of having caused too much troubles during his time travels.

In the meanwhile, Razziatore enters the station. He demands the liberty for ten prisoners, other time pirates, under the menace of a bomb connected to the anchorage system of the station, which floats in an empty dimension. The chronocommandant decides to obey, and the pirates are freed; even Kronin, an old acquaintance of Razziatore, who doesn't look happy about his release. In fact, Kronin accuses Razziatore of making career on Kronin's expenses, and as soon as free, steal a policeman's gun and shoots at him, not knowing that the bomb is connected to Razziatore's vital signs.

The bomb detonates, and the station risks to get lost in this empty dimension. While making their way to the central room, the pirates decide to open all the cells in order to cause a riot, but they actually free Paperinik. Razziatore pretends that he's a dangerous criminal.

Once occupied the station, the pirates negotiate with the police theor freedom in exchange of a plan to save Time 0. They'll detonate a bomb after the original anchorage point, in order to create a black hole and attract the building there. The chronocommandant accepts again, but to create the bomb they need a specific machinery, and the only one avaiable aliments Razziatore's armour, allowing him to survive. Kronin strips him of the tool, and proceeds with the plan. In the meanwhile, the second in command doesn't agree with chronocommandant's decisions, so dismiss him and takes the lead for the negotiations.

With the others gone, Paperinik decides to help Razziatore in taking back his device and survive, and the former chronocommandant helps too. They reach Kronin, who in the meanwhile has found another way to escape, not believing in the effectiveness of this plan, but it's too late. The bomb is dropped, and the black hole created. Time 0 is attracted into it, and the anchorage point is in between. To stop their running, they have to connect to the point by using a rope. Razziatore, knowing he's got no time left, sacrifices himself by jumping in the void and connecting the rope.

Kronin, who tried to escape with a small shuttle, disappears sucked in the black hole.

Nothing personal

In a not distant future, we see Odin Eidolon entering the basements of an abandoned Ducklair Tower, bringing Trip, the young son of Razziatore. They find an old Paperinik, who's been living underground for years, after his identity was discovered. Odin tells him that this happenes because of Grifone, a grown up Trip. When Razziatore died, the Organization took his son and trained him to be the best time pirate ever, focusing him by telling that his father's death was due to Paperinik. In order to get revenge, Grifone saboted Pikappa's life, making his identity of public domain. Odin, who in this future leads the Organization with Deugemo (who is actually Due), decides then to take the unaware young Trip the same day Razziatore left for Time 0, and bring into the past to save him from the cartel.

But Grifone, helped by Newton, wants to take back the boy, and chases him and Paperinik. When all seems lost, Razziatore appears. He tells that when he tried to call back Trip before leaving for Time 0, he couldn't find him home, so started looking for him, never starting the mission in which he'll lose his life. So a new future is created, in which Grifone never existed and Pikappa's true identity is still unknown.

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