Character » Razorjack appears in 11 issues.

    Depraved ruler of the Twisted Dimension, Razorjack constantly seeks ways to enter Earth's dimension.

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    Razorjack was created by John Higgins.

    Other Media


    Razorjack: Double-Crossing

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    Under the blood-red sky of a distant world, the Iron Queen sits on her dark throne. She is Razorjack: Her name is uttered on countless worlds, and with that name comes absolute terror...and inevitable death. Her brutal, relentless armies of Twisted Warriors have cut a ragged, blood-drenched swath through the multiverse, and they stand on the brink of a new dimension: the Core Loop, home to the planet Earth.

    Should the dimensional walls be breached, Razorjacks' armies will swarm through, and descend on the human race like rain from Hell.

    When Kevin Dixon and his friends pull off the biggest scam of their lives, they fall foul of the eccentric crimelord Leonard Cotterhill. Dixon isn't concerned: he's about to come into more money than he's ever imagined.

    But Cotterhill finds a new ally in the form of Katana, a deadly and brutally efficient warrior from another dimension, who agrees to track down Dixon in exchange for a priceless artifact...a device that will allow Razorjack and her minions full access to Earth.

    One-by-one, Dixon's cohorts are found and slaughtered by Katana, and Dixon quickly finds himself on the run from an alien warrior who cannot be killed, cannot be reasoned with, and will do anything to reach her goal...

    Written by: John Higgins

    Publisher: Com.x; Signed 1st Edition edition (May 18, 2011)

    ISBN-10: 0983223831

    ISBN-13: 978-0983223832


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