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    A villain with large blades for hands.

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    Two brothers, Douglas & William Scott, each took the name and role of Razorfist (pretending to be one person). They were known for their fast hands & came into conflict with Shang Chi on several occasions. Both brothers lost one of their hands in a car accident and replaced them with blades. When William died, Douglas continued his life as a mercenary and criminal under the Razorfist moniker.


    Razorfist was created by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy and first appeared in Master of Kung Fu #105. Previous

    Character Evolution

    Razorfist has fought numerous heroes like Wolverine, the Cat, Spider Man, Toxin, and Elektra.

    Story Arcs

    The Blood Tong

    Razorfist, Zaran and Shockwave ambush Iron Man, Hawkeye and Mockingbird of the West Coast Avengers. Razorfist takes on Mockingbird and he is very impressed with her fighting skill and drive. Mockingbird has a reach advantage with her battle stave and trips Razorfist when he blocks one of her attacks. The assassins received a dossier on their opponents' weaknesses from a Vietnamese crime-lord named Khruul whom Hawkeye recognized because the Avengers had a run in with him a few years back. Mockingbird stands over Razorfist as he tells her that they represent the Blood Tong of Hong Kong. They had plans to run various operations in America and claimed that their heroes or SHIELD would not be able to stop them. Mockingbird knocks Razorfist out with her staff while Zaran escapes with Shockwave. Mockingbird turns around to check on Razorfist and he was gone.

    Save The Tiger

    Razorfist began working for a crimelord of Madripoor, named Roche. He came into conflict with Wolverine when the latter invaded Roche's territory. He was seemingly killed in a duel with Wolverine.

    A Show Of Hands

    Crossfire would hire a number of costume criminals and mercenaries and place a bounty on Hawkeye's arm. Some of these criminals included Razorfist, Mad Dog, Bobcat, Bullet Biker, the Brothers Grimm and the Death Throws. Crossfire wanted Hawkeye to suffer for beating him on two separate occassions and literally wanted one of his arms. Hawkeye is battered, bruised and weakened so he heads underground into the sewer tunnels to clear his head and figure out what to do. Hawkeye runs into Razorfist and the assassin strikes with several kicks. Hawkeye had lost his bow so he grabs an arrow from his quiver. Hawkeye evades a killing blow and Razorfist ends up striking the tip of the arrow. It turned out it was a putty arrow so Razorfist's blades were temporarily stuck together. Hawkeye knocks down Razorfist with a knee strike and an elbow to the back of the head. Hawkeye suddenly finds himself surrounded by Crossfire and his group of mercenaries. It looked like the end for Hawkeye until Mockingbird and Trick Shot show up. Razorfist is taken out when Mockingbird kicks him in the jaw and the trio managed to take down Crossfire and the rest of his crew.

    Arena of Death

    Razorfist is seen at the AIM Weapons Exposition on an island protected by international law. Captain America, Diamondback and Falcon disguise themselves as Crossbones, Mother Night and Jack O Lantern so they can infiltrate this expo in hopes of getting information on a criminal named Snapdragon. Batroc the Leaper arranged some pre-expo entertainment by testing the prowess of Crossbones who was actually Captain America in disguise. Crossbones had to run a gauntlet against five opponents inside the ring and five hundred thousand dollars would go to the man who could defeat him. Crossbones defeated his first three opponents in the ring and Razorfist was next. Razorfist got his left blade stuck into the ring post when Crossbones leaped over the strike. Crossbones snapped the left blade with a kick and caught his right blade with his hands. Crossbones knocks out Razorfist with a kick to the face.

    The Architect

    Razorfist would be one of numerous assassins hired by the man called the Architect to come to New York. The Architect offers big money to the first assassin that can kill him. The gathering of assassins and mercenaries would bring conflict with one another over this job. Razorfist waits for several days inside a shabby hotel accompanied by two beautiful women who worship him as their master. Elektra is looking for Razorfist and finds him when Simon Maddicks aka Killer Shrike reveals his location to her. One of the female worshipers opens the doors for Elektra and Razorfist tells her that the Architect made it very clear that one of them must be defeated. Razorfist charges towards Elektra and manages to slice her left side. Elektra retaliates with an open palm strike to Razorfist's face and slams his head into the wall. The girls thank Elektra for not killing their master and that they would return to the House of Razor.


    Razorfist is a participant in the fight to the death tournament called Bloodsport thrown by Viper in the island nation of Madripoor. Razorfist's first round opponent is Zaran the weapons master who wins the match when he stabs Razorfist with his own bladed hand.


    Razorfist is present in the Bar With No Name alongside numerous capes of the evil variety when journalist Kat Farrell from the Daily Bugle is speaking to Bullseye about a man named Mike "No" Hart aka the Judge.

    Daughters of the Dragon

    Colleen Wing vs Razorfist
    Colleen Wing vs Razorfist

    A minor criminal named Freezer Burn teams up with Humbug, 8-Ball and Whirlwind for a heist. This group manages to steal a powerful microchip from Ricadonna. She is not pleased and sends Razorfist to hunt down Freezer Burn. Colleen Wing and Misty Knight are also interested with this crew because warrants are out on all those criminals. Razorfist kills Freezer Burn and his girlfriend and holds their infant son when Colleen enters the apartment through the fire escape. The two confront each other and Colleen throws two shurikens that strike Razorfist in the chest and left hand. Razorfist drops the infant but Colleen catches the baby and tosses him to her partner, Misty Knight as she enters the room. Colleen's swordplay and speed overwhelms Razorfist and he gets his right hand sliced off with one stroke. Razorfist passes out from too much blood loss before he can answer any of Colleen's questions.

    The Accused

    Razorfist works alongside Grim Reaper, Diamondhead and Justine Hammer as they plan an attempted breakout while inside the Raft- the Maximum Security Facility for super powered criminals. The plans are set in motion when Robbie Baldwin is being transferred to Cell Block X- the violent offenders wing after the horrific incident he caused in Stamford. Grim Reaper spits in Baldwin's face as he was being escorted by two guards. Razorfist grabs Baldwin with his prosthetic hook hands and Diamondhead kills the two guards. Hammer teleports to the tower while she possessed a small piece of her Crimson Cowl cloak and opens the central doors after she takes out the guards inside. The Cell Block X doors open and Razorfist uses Baldwin as a hostage as they head towards the outer doors. Baldwin's new powers begin to manifest by the pain being inflicted by Razorfist and he unleashes a powerful energy blast that fries the entire building and takes down Razorfist and the rest of the prisoners that attempted to escape.

    Without Fear

    A gang war is erupting in New York between Mr. Fear and the Hood. The Enforcers are working for Mr. Fear and Ox would shake down a bar while Montana and Fancy Dan stand guard outside. Ox is interrupted when Montana comes crashing through the bar window. Razorfist and the Wrecker tell the Enforcers that these streets belong to the Hood and a fight ensues outside. Daredevil hears the fight from blocks away and intervenes when he arrives. Daredevil kicks Fancy Dan into Razorfist and the assassin draws blood when he cuts the Enforcer's chest. Razorfist turns his attention to Daredevil but the man without fear flips behind him and kicks Razorfist in the back of the head. Razorfist stumbles towards the Wrecker and accidentally slices his left arm before he collapses to the ground.

    Secret Invasion

    He recently joined the Hood's Masters of Evil to take advantage of the superhero community split caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. The Hood's gang attacked the New Avengers but Razorfist and the rest of the syndicate was defeated when Doctor Strange used some dark magic. Razorfist was later seen with the Hood's gang battling the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion crisis.

    Dark Reign & Siege

    Norman Osborn would appoint the Hood as Camp HAMMER's new chief operating officer and his men are legally working for the government to capture dangerous fugitives. The Hood sent Razorfist, Living Laser, Griffin and Scorcher to go after Gauntlet and Tigra when they went awol. The Hood has powered up members of his criminal crew with the Norn Stones which were given to him by Loki. The Hood wanted to juice up his crew so they could go hunt down some Avengers. Razorfist and members of the Hood's gang would come into conflict with the Avengers Resistance when they infiltrated Camp Hammond to retrieve Night Thrasher. The Hood receives a distress signal from Osborn during his siege of Asgard and teleports Razorfist and the rest of his Brooklyn crew to reinforce the Initiative assault.

    Razorfist vs Captain America.
    Razorfist vs Captain America.

    During the battle a civilian family was hurt when the Sentry caused the entire kingdom of Asgard to collapse. The husband finds both Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers as Captain America and asked them to help locate his family in the rubble. They find his wife but see his two daughters in the clutches of Razorfist. One daughter named Madison tries to run away but Razorfist slashes her neck and Barnes engages his bladed foe as Rogers attends to the young girl. Barnes shoots his pistol at Razorfist but he deflects the bullet with his blade and stabs Barnes through his bionic hand. Barnes recovers and knocks Razorfist into a stone slab and it collapses onto him. Barnes attends to the mother and young daughter when Razorfist charges towards them. Barnes is saved by Rogers and breaks off his left blade with a shield strike. Both Avengers defeat Razorfist and leave him tied up as they search for their friends who are trapped underneath the rubble.

    Sex & Violence

    Razorfist with the Assassins Guild
    Razorfist with the Assassins Guild

    Razorfist is a member of the Assassins Guild and they come after Domino after she stole millions of dollars during a job she accepted involving the Hand. Wolverine agrees to help Domino and the two mutants are ambushed by Razorfist and some soldiers from the Assassins Guild in San Francisco. Razorfist stabs Wolverine through the back and offers him a chance to walk away. Wolverine snaps Razorfist's blade with an elbow strike and destroys his other blade with his claws. Wolverine strikes Razorfist with a headbutt and tells him to tell Belladonna to stop hunting for them. Razorfist tells Belladonna that Wolverine is helping Domino and that he can locate them because he had placed a tracer on the razor that went into Wolverine's body. Belladonna would call on her specialist that included Bullet, Black Mamba, Clay, Bushwacker, Nakh and Boomerang. Belladonna tells them to drop their current assignments and come to New Orleans to eliminate Domino and Wolverine. Belladonna greets Wolverine and Domino inside the hall of the Guild and asks for her money. Wolverine and Domino refuse to surrender and tell Belladonna that the money will go to charity. Belladonna is enraged and tells Razorfist and her specialist to kill both mutants. Razorfist slices up the face of Wolverine while he was distracted by Black Mamba and her dark force abilities. The fight is interrupted when ninjas from the Hand stop the fight and hold Wolverine and Domino hostage. It was all a ruse when the ninjas reveal themselves as members of X-Force and they help Wolverine and Domino against the Assassins Guild. Most of the specialists are taken out but Razorfist attempts to slash Vanisher. Vanisher teleports away and Razorfist finds himself staring at the end of Domino's pistol. Domino wanted to kill Razorfist but Wolverine tells her to let him go. Domino tells Razorfist that he is a dead cry baby and leaves the assassin in tears. X-Force returns back home and Domino surprises Wolverine with a convertible muscle car. The two begin to drive off and Wolverine hears Razorfist screaming for help from the trunk.

    To Serve & Protect- Disco Highway

    Dazzler and her security team of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are abducted by a younger version of the Grandmaster and forced to compete in a roller derby Contest of Champions for an unknown, epic prize. They end up battling numerous Z-list villains on roller skates including Razorfist. The bladed warrior attempts to slash Misty Knight from behind but he misses and gets lost during the chaos when a Sentinel misfires its laser beam after it falls from its skates. Dazzler and her girls would win the match and are very displeased when they find out that the prize was a date with the Chadmaster.

    Goodbye Chinatown

    Wolverine helped clean up Chinatown in San Francisco a few years ago when he defeated the Triad gangs and took the mantle of the Black Dragon when he becomes the leader of Chinatown's crime syndicate. Wolverine would return back to Chinatown and discover a drug war is taking place. Wolverine and his companions, Gorilla-Man, Master Po, Yuen Yee and Fat Cobra discover that Jade Claw has amassed a small army and has been shipping heroine across the globe with the help of trained dragons and a number of killer assassins including Razorfist, Rock of the Buddha, Soulstriker and Darkstrider. The heroes would free the opium slaves and come into final conflict with Jade Claw and her fighters. Gorilla-Man grabs a machine gun and begins to fire at Razorfist and Darkstrider. It appears that Razorfist manages to elude capture and escapes during the chaos.

    Powers & Abilities

    Razorfist is a skilled martial artist with blades replacing both of his hands.


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