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Originally created in the 3H Continuity's Beat Wars, Razorclaw's alt-mode is that of a Fiddler Crab. Razorclaw's specialty is stealth and ambush, his alt-mode allowing hit to burrow into the sand and attack the Maximals from below.

Major Story Arcs

3H Publications

After the Beast Wars came to an end, Razorclaw was activated on Earth by the Tarantulas and Ravage, along with two other Predacons Spittor and Iguanus. It is thought Razorclaw died in the battle against Primal Prime but was later seen along with Drill Bit in the battle against the Autobots exiting their ship in Transformers Universe #1.

IDW Comics Continuity

Transformers Beast Wars: The Gathering

Razorclaw was originally one of the Maximal proto-forms held in stasis pods aboard the transport ship Axalon. His pod was reprogrammed as a Predacon by Magmatron and his forces. He joined Magmatron, Ravage, and the other Predacons in their battle against the traitor Razorbeast and the Maximals.

Powers and Abilities


  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Alt-Modes: Blue Fiddler Crab

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