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    The leader of the Predacons, Razorclaw transforms into a lion and forms the torso of Predaking. Unlike his comrades, Razorclaw prefers to sit and wait patiently for the right time to strike. He considers attacking for a worthy cause as energy well spent.

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    Razorclaw leads the Predacons, a renowned and widely feared group of hunters in the Decepticon army.

    He and his team made their first appearance in Marvel's series when they were hired by Shockwave to eliminate Megatron who had become unhinged and dangerously erratic. While they gave the mentally ailing Decepticon leader a rough time, they were unable to defeat him, even after combining into their powerful united form, Predaking. They bore little consequence for this though, as Megatron seemingly destroyed himself in a self-destructive outburst afterwards, and they were absorbed into the Decepticon forces on Earth under Shockwave.

    In a slightly earlier storyline in the British Transformers comic, the Predacons were summoned to Earth by Megatron and tasked with destroying Optimus Prime, but at the behest of Shockwave turned on Megatron. This earlier assassination attempt failed when Megatron used the Space Bridge to escape to Cybertron, along with Optimus Prime. Megatron didn't recognize them in the later American story because of his deteriorating mental condition.

    Later, Razorclaw and the other Predacons were drawn into a battle with the Dinobots through the rivalry of their respective members Swoop and Divebomb. The Predacons were all clearly outclassed by the Dinobots in this battle, with the exception of Divebomb who trounced Swoop.

    When Starscream acquired the power of the Underbase, Razorclaw and the rest of his team were among the Decepticons that Starscream turned his wrath upon, and rendered inoperable. He remained this way until the beginning of the Transformers: Generation 2 comic, at which point he had been repaired off-page. As the Autobots and Decepticons allied against the new Cybertronian faction, Razorclaw became wary of how close some of the freshly created Decepticons became with their Autobot allies, and when one of the new troops ignored Razorclaw's order in favor of following Grimlock's directions, he attacked. This went poorly for him, as another of the new Decepticons destroyed him to protect his colleague.


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