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    Razorback was a mutant with the innate ability to drive any vehicle instinctively. He was depowered as a result of M-Day. He employed many gadgets in his crimefighter career.

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    After stopping a number of criminals from smuggling CB equipment out of the state, former Texarkana star athlete turned trucker Buford T. Hollis decided he could use his talents for driving and electronic know-how to help others. Then his sister Bobby Sue became involved with the Legion of Light cult and vanished after going to New York. Deciding to emulate the costumed crime fighters that the news made out to be all over New York State, Buford picked his native regions "hog county" reputation as his costume's theme and became Razorback. Once he reached New York he ran into Spider-Man, who was also investigating the cult, and worked with him to stop the Legion's supposed leader, Brother Power, and defeat the true manipulator Power worked for, the Man-Beast, before he used a hate ray at a televised rally to trigger countrywide rioting. With the Man-Beast defeated, Bobby Sue became free of the cult, and Razorback returned to Arkansas.

    Later, when fellow trucker Ulysses Solomon Archer travelled into space and vanished, Razorback was recruited by Archer's former girlfriend, Taryn O'Connell, to help her find him. Together they hijacked NASA's experimental faster-than-light shuttle, the Starblazer, to follow Archer into space, inadvertently picking up a passenger when the She-Hulk tried, unsuccessfully, to stop the theft. After explaining their reasons for stealing the craft and promising to return it once they were done, the She-Hulk agreed to go with them to the Star Stop, an interstellar diner, where Taryn learned Archer had married someone else. When Xemnu the Titan attacked the Star Stop, Razorback helped the She-Hulk defeat him, rescuing the heroine when Xemnu kidnapped her and fled intending to later mate with her. She-Hulk returned the favor by smoothing things over with NASA, who made Razorback the Starblazer's official test pilot. Having fallen for Taryn, Razorback remained in space, now working as a space trucker. Some time later he tried to help Rocket Raccoon after spotting that adventurer battling the D'Bari, but he, Taryn and Rocket were all captured after sending out a distress signal. Responding to this, She-Hulk, Archer and She-Hulk's friend Louise Mason came to the rescue. He later fought the Poratesaurs of Planet Zed with She-Hulk's aid, defeating them when She-Hulk's costume malfunction exposed her breasts, causing the distracted villains to crash into an asteroid.

    Returning to Earth, Razorback was depowered on M-Day by the Scarlet Witch, but continued to adventure regardless, having always relied on his natural strength and technical skills rather than his mutant ability to drive anything. When the Superhuman Registration Act passed, Razorback joined the Initiative and was assigned to Arkansas' state team, the Battalion, but he was subsequently abducted by Skrulls, one of whom impersonated him to take his place. After the Skrull's secret invasion failed, Razorback and other abductees were returned home, and Razorback resumed his duties as part of the Battalion.


    As a mutant Razorback was able to drive any vehicle instinctively. He utilized a number of advanced technologies in his crime fighting career including devices to summon his vehicles, robotic control systems, multiple Rigs (Big Pig I through III), and an electrified mane on his costume. He is physically strong with great stamina, but neither rise to superhuman levels.

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    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Razorback was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of an Amazon-exclusive Spider-Man box set.


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