Character » Razer appears in 23 issues.

    Former member of Stormwatch, Razer left the team to join up with Deathtrap and his Mercs.

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    As one of the original members of Mercs she actually had a relationship with the enemy of the team Deathtrap, while still with the team. She helped Deathtrap plan the capturing of Sunburst, Flashpoint, and Nautika. This relationship was apparently not working out as Deathtrap only used her for sex. Razer started dating Flashpoint since he was on her team and was more caring then Deathtrap.

    New 52

    Razer and her team The Mercs fake The Suicide Squad's death. She is introduced to The Squad. The Mercs are staying at a castle, the base of The Fist of Cain. Razer and Cheetah were attempting an escape when Razer was shot from above by members of The Fist of Cain. She was shot multiple times and died up in the rafters.

    Powers and Abilities

    Razer has the powers to fly, project energy form her eyes and hands, and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.


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