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Raze was young when his parents were murdered by his own brother, Vranx. Raze then pursued Vranx his entire life. However, Vranx shape shifted and escaped whenever Raze got close. Eventually, Raze learned that Vranx was in a bar on the planet Calculex. He then went in and found Vranx. Raze then was about to shoot him when the Silver Surfer intervened and learned about the two of them. He helped Raze capture Vranx but would do it without killing him. Before long, they found Vranx. Raze tried to stab him, but the Silver Surfer stopped him. Raze then unexpectedly pulled out a gun and shot Vranx who died immediately after. Raze then escaped.


Raze cannot shape shift like most Skrulls. He  is very strong and fast. He has a large arsenal of knives and guns as well.

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