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Raz Malhotra was a young man whom worked as a rent-for-hire computer programmer. He was hired by a man whom turned out to be the criminal known as Eggman. Eggman hoped to use Raz in defeating one of his rivals, Scott Lang, the Ant-Man. When Raz found out that the man whom hired him was a supervillain, Raz helped Scott Lang in stopping the criminal Egghead.


Raz Malhorta was created by Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas and first appeared in Ant-Man Annual issue 1 (2015).

Major Story Arcs

A new Giant-Man

After assisting Ant-Man (Scott Lang) on a mission, Lang gave him the Giant-Man suit. Unfortunately, in chasing a criminal in San Francisco, Raz caused several hundred million in damages to the Golden Gate Bridge. Wasp tasked him with bringing his ally under control.

Civil War II:

Raz help The Ultimates complete the Abeona, ship design to travel outside the Omniverse. Blue Marvel later ask for his assistance to construct a Pym Particle Accelerator in order to anchor and reduce Infinaut to human size so he wouldnt destroy the Earth whiles coming into reality.


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