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    Writer, artist Heir to a very “classical” school and style with a realistic and dynamic line, Reding is one of the rare authors (with Graton and his Michel Vaillant) to have specialized in sports stories.

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    Born in Normandy in 1920, Raymond Reding arrived with his family in Belgium in 1931. In Brussels, at the Collège Saint-Pierre in Uccle, where the teachers instilled in him a taste for culture, he excelled in all subjects, but he revealed himself rather mediocre in drawing! He must, alas, interrupt his studies in order to ensure the distribution of newspapers for the paternal bookstore.

    His hobbies he devotes to the piano, which he learned on his own. He will also begin a modest career as a professional pianist playing in jazz clubs… His real passion is sport. A fan of Johnny Weissmuller, who was Olympic swimming champion before playing Tarzan in the cinema, he joined the Cercle de Natation de Bruxelles and became one of its brightest hopes.

    He then discovered tennis and multiplied the tournaments until 1939. During the WWII, he settled in the south of France where the director of an art gallery introduced him to drawing... At the Liberation, he writes stories for "Bravo", a Belgian weekly for young people. Little by little, he illustrates his texts. The quality of his drawings made without the help of any teacher allows him to enter the world of comics almost naturally.

    He begins by signing Monsieur Cro Détective in the daily newspaper La Derniere Heure. For the duration of a story entitled Les Œufs durs s'en va en guerre, he found himself in the newspaper Spirou. He then entered the journal Tintin where, from 1953 to 1957, before creating Jari (republished in the Millésimes du Lombard collection in 2009), he put in boxes around thirty short authentic stories and especially the biography of Monsieur Vincent (also republished in the Millésimes du Lombard collection in 2009).

    In 1967, Raymond Reding was the victim of a very serious road accident. By dint of courage, he finds the tennis courts and his drawing board. He created AC Milan footballer Vincent Larcher in 1970, then Section R in 1971.

    In 1979, after a detour through fantasy with Olympio, he returned to sport with PSG footballer Éric Castel, before leaving us on April 26, 1999.


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