Ray Stantz

    Character » Ray Stantz appears in 300 issues.

    Ray is the heart of Ghostbusters, an engineer with a passion for paranormal research. Dr. Stantz sometimes displays a "boy scout" demeanor. Ray co-designed all of the equipment with Dr. Spengler.

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    Ray is known as the heart of the Ghostbusters, and loves his job. Ray helps fellow Ghostbuster Egon Spengler, maintain their Ghostbusting equipment, and is the person who purchased the Ecto 1.

    Ray also owns an occult book store which Kylie Griffin helps him run. He has been possessed on several occasions, and is often reminded that he is the one that chose the destructor form, when Gozer entered our dimention.

    Ray is just like a big kid, his fravorite catoon character is "Dopey Dog." and it was Ray who was chosen to go to bed in a simulated childs bedroom in order to lure the Boogeyman into the "real world", because of his child-like mind.

    Ray decided to become a Ghostbuster because he wanted to combat evil just like his favorite comic book hero Captain Steel.


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