Ray Man

    Character » Ray Man appears in 2 issues.

    An illusionist, he has the ability to manipulate and refract light to create whatever he can imagine.

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    Current Events

    Ray Man was one of four villains broken out of custody by The Son of Man to wreak havoc at the Louvre. He used his powers to believe that Robin had turned to glass and shattered (due to Sister Crystal's power), Batman had split vertically in half and Nightrunner had stretched and was melting. Once Batman realised they were affected by powerful illusions, they managed to break them off and defeat Ray Man.


    Nought is know of Ray Man's past or how he came to possess his powers, save that is one of the unique patients that dwell in the "Disturbed Wing" of Le Jardin Noir.


    Ray Man was created by writer David Hine. He was mentioned by the unnamed Administrator of Le Jardin Noir in Batman Annual #28. Both Ray Man and a character called Paradox are mentioned, but during Ray Man's first actual appearance in Batman and Robin #26 Ray Man refers to himself as Paradox whilst using his powers. It is unsure whether Ray Man and Paradox are in fact the same character, or if Paradox is indeed a separate character with reality warping powers and Ray Man was only pretending to be him with his illusions.


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