Ray Jack Montero

    Character » Ray Jack Montero appears in 16 issues.

    Enterpreneur who remade frogs into chickens and called them chogs. Later, he was a secret prisoner in The Can.

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    Raymond James Montero runs an illegal chicken distribution business under the guise of normal businesses. It is called Montero Industries. He uses the alias Soto Tomomaki for some of his asian restaurants.

    Ray Jack Montero knew about the epidemic of the Avian Flu before it even occurred. When Mason Savoy discovered this, he sent Caesar Valenzano to work for Montero and keep tabs on him upon behalf of the FDA. This was a millions dollars operation.

    After the Avian Flu and subsequent banning of sale, distribution, and consumption of chicken, he employed several of the world's top geneticists in an attempt to replace the missing strands in frog DNA, with the necessary components of chicken DNA, to make chogs or frinckens an exact culinary replica of chicken. However, when he lost several of his top research scientists to Nomi Huapai, Governor of Yamapalu, he sent his top henchman to burn the Huapai operation to the ground. Destroying every Gallsaberry on the island.


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