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Ultimate Daredevil (Ray Connor)

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1
Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1

Ray Connor is a teenager that awoke in St. Mary's Hospital after an accident that blinded him but increased his other senses. It is unknown how exactly the accident happened but it is very similar to the origin of the original Daredevil, Matt Murdock. A strange elderly man named Stick arrives in his room to teach him how to use his new abilities and explains he has done it before with Matt twenty years ago. Stick believes that fate has brought Ray back to fulfill the destiny of Matt Murdock, (the original Daredevil), who was killed by the New York flood-wall during Ultimatum.

Stick tells Ray that his destiny is to kill the king of vampires, Anthony. Anthony has recently created a union among all the vampire clans under his command. Anthony plans to infiltrate the super hero community with vampires to create a more powerful clan.

Ray is trained to become the new Daredevil by Stick, discovering that he possesses heightened senses and a 360 degree radar vision reminiscent of Murdock's. Connor even decides to take up his predecessor's original yellow and red costume as a tribute, though this was partly inspired by the youth's admiration for the wise-cracking trickster Spider-Man.

However, Ray's time as Daredevil is cut short, as the young hero is infected by Vampires when he stumbles upon the body of Stick (himself a victim of a vampire 'Nerd Hulk'). He then becomes part of Anthony's Vampire Clan and battles the Ultimate Avengers, partaking in the Vampire assault on the Triskelion and infecting Captain America in the sewers of New York. Upon Anthony's death at the hands of the 'Nerd Hulk' Connor and Stick both act as Lieutenants for the new Vampire clan leader, attacking the imprisoned Blade. However, the former hero fairs no better as a Vampire, as Captain America utilises the deceased Perun's hammer to transport the Triskellion to Iran in daylight hours, killing most of the Vampires. Connor is last seen burning under the sunlight, though his fate is unknown.

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