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Rawlins father was a member of the CIA and Rawlins followed in his father’s foots steps. Rawlins learned tricks of the trade from his father as well as valuable contacts inside and outside of the company. Rawlins also has used the CIA to amass wealth for himself by secretly drug smuggling using CIA resources without authorization to do so. Rawlins was also married to Kathryn O'Brien.

Rawlins lied to his wife Kathryn about a mission they were going on which turned out to be Rawlins picking up drugs in Afghanistan to sell. Rawlins didn't pay his suppliers and they shot at the helicopter damaging it. The helicopter was too heavy and Rawlins kicked his wife Kathryn out of the helicopter rather than toss the drugs off the helicopter.


Rawlins was created by Garth Ennis for his Punisher series in the MAX imprint.

Major Story Arcs


Rawlins was a tasked by a group of corrupt US army generals with creating a secret terrorist training facility, to be given assignments that would further the war on terror in America's favor. Rawlins sent them to destroy moscow, having them highjack a plane and fly it into a building. The plan failed when Russian intelligence deemed it neccesary to shoot the plane down. Rawlins got word that the Punisher had operated in Russia at the same time, and set his sights on him.


Rawlins went back to New York, where he made contact with old associate Nicolas Cavella, with whom he had a homosexual relationship with years before. Rawlins offered to help Cavella kill The Punisher. The two laid a trap, but just as he was about to kill Castle, Rawlins was knocked unconscious by his ex wife Kathryn O Brien, also an ex CIA agent.

He was taken prisoner by Castle, O Brien and ex CIA hacker Roth. Casle cut out his left eye during his interrogation, and Rawlins confessed to war crimes on behalf of the US government. Castle and O Brien taped his confession. Whilst Castle and O brien were gone, he tricked Roth into letting him go the bathroom, and killed him. He escaped soon afterward.


Rawlins next made a shaky alliance with war criminal Zakharov, who had suspected American involvement in the attempted Moscow terrorist attack. He wanted proof, and Rawlins said he had the means to get it. He set up a plan to bring both Castle and O brien to Afghanistan. After a minor guerilla war of sorts, Castle was captured.

He managed to escape however, Rawlins used the severely overweight Zakharov as a shock absorber as he jumped out of the aircraft that was carrying them all. He told Zakharov he would let him die in the balzing sun, and killed his associate, a russian army Captain called Dolnovich. He managed to get away before he died in the desert. Whilst trying to escape Afghanistan, he was confronted by Castle, who severed his hand and killed him.


His real name was not revealed until the final story of The Punisher; Max, where he is seen confessing his crimes on the tape made by The Punisher. It was revealed in Man of Stone that his parents met in Egypt, his father being an American soldier stationed there and his mother being an Egyption local. Eventually, Rawlins was born there and when his father was recalled from Egypt back to his home in Texas, Rawlins was brought along with him.


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