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    A time-traveling princess, conqueror, and assassin, Princess Ravonna has gone by many names: Terminatrix, Temptress, Revelation, and Nebula, and has battled the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

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    Terminatrix was born as Ravonna Lexus Renslayer in the 40th century of Other Earth. She was the daughter of King Carelius, a local ruler. When Kang attempted to conquer their realm, Ravonna was sent by Carelius to negotiate. Instead of negotiating, she just laughed in Kang's face and declared they would never surrender. She told him they would fight to the last breath of the last citizen of their small kingdom. Kang was impressed enough to step away and let them remain independent. But he was now infatuated with Ravonna.


    Ravonna was created by Stan Lee, Don Heck, and John Romita and first appeared in The Avengers #23.

    Major Story Arcs

    Two years later after being repelled by the people of Other Earth, Kang returns. Having now expanded his empire to the stars, he now needs to conquer the last kingdom on Earth. He offers Carelius a subordinate position and Ravonna his hand in marriage. The King accepts but Ravonna remains defiant. Kang hopes that with time her reaction towards him will change. Several years later it has not and Kang's patience is reaching its end. He orchestrates a battle with the Avengers in an effort to impress her. She is not particularly impressed and Kang himself faces a coup attempt by his own army because they expected Kang to kill Ravonna (a future monarch). Now Kang has to join the Avengers and Carelius' army against his former troops. Ravonna is now truly impressed. When Kang is about to be slain by Baltag, leader of the rebels, Ravonna leaps in and rescues him at the cost of her own health and she is left comatose.

    Grandmaster and the Avengers

    At this point several timelines diverged. Kang and some versions of himself keep the comatose Ravonna by their side and search for a cure. Some Ravonnas would never recover, some do eventually. The Grandmaster appears to Kang and offers him the power of life and death if Kang can beat him in a contest. Kang summons Captain America, Thor and Clint Barton (as Goliath) while Grandmaster summons copies of the Squadron Supreme whom he calls the Squadron Sinister: Dr. Spectrum, Hyperion, Nighthawk and Whizzer. Kang ends up choosing the power of death so he can defeat the Avengers, but with the help of the Black Knight, the Avengers win through. Ravonna is taken and revived by Grandmaster, and she is furious at Kang's betrayal. A fake Ravonna is put in her stasis tube so Kang will be unaware.

    Council of Cross-Time Kangs

    Ravonna next resurfaces calling herself Kang Nebula, one of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs. The Council consists of various Kang alternate Universe counterparts and their successors. She finds out about the Time Bubble: a period in the future which has been blocked off so normal time-travel can't reach it in order to hide a powerful weapon. She and the other Kangs decide that the Avengers will be the ones to pierce the bubble based on their analysis of the timeline. Nebula seduces some of the Kangs and then Dr Druid, influencing him to take leadership of the Avengers, even against Thor's disapproval. She then tries and fails to get Druid to kill Thor, before using him to take control of She-Hulk, Black Knight and Thor. She then influences the team to investigate the Time Bubble. Meanwhile the other Kangs find out about her plans to seize the weapon and they send three Kangs to try to stop her. These Kangs arrive just after the Avengers had left, so instead, they go back further in time so they can hitch a ride on the Avengers' Quinjet. Helped by the power of Thor's hammer the Avengers break into the Time Bubble, but the three Kangs disrupt Nebula's control over the team and the Avengers turn on her. The Avengers are pushed out of the Time Bubble, while Nebula and the three Kangs are trapped in the timestream. Dr Druid jumps in after Nebula and is trapped with her.

    Into the Timestream!

    Seducing Human Torch
    Seducing Human Torch

    Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four next becomes aware of the Time Bubble's blockage to time travel. Somehow, Nebula is able to send a bomb to attack the FF, but although this fails, she decides the Fantastic Four will be the ones to pierce the Bubble instead. With this intent, she tries to psychically seduce first Reed and then Johnny Storm, appearing to them in their dreams. The Fantastic Four, along with Sharon Ventura, Thor and Iron Man (called up by Reed, who knew the Avengers had just had experience with it) travel into the Time Bubble on Reed's Rosebud II time travel machine. Nebula (and the three Kangs) are able to follow the timesled into the Time Bubble, and Nebula fully takes possession of Johnny's mind.

    With the help of Death's Head (who had traveled to fix the time anomaly), the heroes defeat Kang of Earth-Mesozoic 24 (a lizard-like creature) and leave him on the future Earth they have reached. They teleport to the location of the weapon "out beyond the Andromeda Galaxy" using Thor's hammer and discover it to be a massive black hole that is feeding Galactus. Chairman Kang and Kang of Earth 123488.23497 attack, causing Death's Head to flee when his ship is damaged. Under the control of Nebula, Human Torch vaporizes Kang of Earth 123488.23497, while Chairman Kang leaps into the black hole. The heroes escape the black hole while Nebula bides her time and re-thinks her plan. The heroes decide to travel to the Shi'Ar empire in the hopes of using their weaponry to destroy the black hole machine, enlisting the help of Gladiator along the way. Although they are able to send a huge number of Shi'Ar weapons to the black hole, the Black Celestial - the ancient being responsible for building the machine - appears and destroys them all. The heroes escape back to Earth and locate the ancient hiding place of the Black Celestial under the Diablo mountains of the western United States. After defeating the Celestial's Deviant followers, the team learn of the Celestial's plan to use the machine to destroy the Universe and then recreate it with him in charge.

    Nebula decides to switch bodies and has Johnny knock out the Invisible Woman so she can take over her instead. When Thor drives the one remaining Shi'Ar explosive ship to destroy the Celestial's base, Invisible Woman and Torch are apparently killed. Reed feigns being distraught and in a faked rage, he leads the Black Celestial into a trap so that it falls into the black hole in its own machine.

    Trapped again
    Trapped again

    Reed then plans to use a device belonging to Galactus called the Ultimate Nullifier, which he hopes to use to destroy the machine and the Time Bubble. After retrieving Susan (possessed by Nebula) and Johnny, the heroes travel to Galactus' giant space station and find the Nullifier. When Nebula tries to make Susan steal the Nullifier, she is electrocuted, freeing Susan from her control. The heroes use the Nullifier to destroy the machine and the Time Bubble, and as they travel back to their time, Nebula is once again trapped in the timestream.

    The Reincarnation of Dr Druid

    Doctor Druid and Ravonna are lost in the time stream, where they create a paradise world that they live in. Realizing that their idyllic life is an illusion they escape back to Earth. Ravonna traps the city they end up in within a time bubble, before the age of marvels and plans to prevent the age of heroes. She ejects Dr Druid from the time bubble and he lands back at the monastery were he first learned his mystical powers. On his journey, Druid learns that his mentor was actually the Ancient One, and that he was meant to be a precursor to Dr. Strange. This gives Dr. Druid a renewed sense of purpose and he returns to the city and defeats Ravonna.

    Citizen Kang

    Returning to Earth, Ravonna pleads for Dr Druid's help in fighting Kang and he reluctantly agrees. Now going by the name 'Temptress', she and Dr Druid ask for the Fantastic Four's help in confronting Kang. Together they travel to Chronopolis and are followed by the Avengers: Black Knight, Black Widow, Crystal, Hercules and Sersi who spot a trail left behind by Invisible Woman. The Avengers are on the hunt for Captain America, the Erik Masterson Thor and Vision. Revealing herself as Kang Nebula, Ravonna causes the two hero teams to fight and makes her escape.

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    In Kang's chambers, the Avengers and Fantastic Four meet with Kang. The Prime Kang uses an impostor to draw out Temptress into attacking. She now calls herself Terminatrix and impresses Kang with her ferocity in killing this lieutenant. Kang uses a device to reveal her true identity as Ravonna. Kang and Ravonna (suited up as Terminatrix) fight, but while they do, Thor throws his hammer at them, with Kang taking the full force of the blow. Terminatrix vows not to let Kang die as this was not a satisfactory end to their battle.

    A Gamble with Time

    Terminatrix next leads the Anachronauts (Kang's agents) back in time to Camelot, wanting to solve a temporal disruption caused by the Incinerators. She and the Anachronauts locate and free the Incinerators' prisoner Justine Alphonse Gamble who helps them recover the ebony starstone. Gamble later grants the starstone to Merlin.


    When the Tomorrow Man tricks Darkhawk and the New Warriors into traveling to Chronopolis, they battle Terminatrix and her armies. Darkhawk is able to trick the Tomorrow Man into returning he and his friends home.

    Terminatrix Objective

    When Revelation tricks Thunderstrike, US Agent, and War Machine into attacking Terminatrix (supposedly to stop her reviving Kang), she escapes and recruits Captain America, Thor and Iron Man to help her. Although they refuse at first, she is able to mentally induce them to fight their fellow Avengers. Traveling to the Odexis Alternate Earth System of 9999, Terminatrix confronts Revelation's son Marcus Immortus but is captured and put in stasis beside several other alternate Universe Ravonnas.

    Marcus Immortus' father reveals himself (an elderly Immortus) and tells Terminatrix he wants to die alongside his Ravonna. Terminatrix kills Immortus and his Ravonna and escapes, but meets Revelation again. Revelation reveals she is the future counterpart of Terminatrix and warns her about Alioth. Revelation gives Terminatrix the ability to revive Kang in order to defeat Alioth. With the help of the Avengers and Tempus, Kang and Terminatrix beat Alioth and save reality. Terminatrix puts Kang back into a coma so she can continue to rule.

    Terminatrix is later apparently killed during Immortus' attack on Chronopolis.


    Terminatrix has enhanced human speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and superhuman durability. She is highly athletic, a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and a skilled strategist. She uses shape-shifting technology, which allows her to change her appearance at will. She has appeared with several different hair/skin colors, but so far, not a different body type. She has often used body armor equipped with several enhancements to battle.


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