Character » Ravil appears in 11 issues.

    Ravil is an ally to Batman and is the Batman of Moscow. He is killed by Nobody.

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    Ravil is the Batman of Moscow. Little is know of Ravil or how or why he became Batman, although it is pointed out that he is "from hardy stock".


    Ravil was created by writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason first appearing in Batman and Robin #1 in 2011.

    Major Story Arcs

    Born to Kill

    For more information see: Born to Kill

    Ravil is in Moscow capturing a criminal. He is able to subdue the gun totting thug but then the thug takes two bullets to the head. Before Ravil can react he is disabled and knocked out.. He wakes up hanging, over acid, next to the criminal he was trying to capture. Nobody lowers the criminal into the acid first then Ravil. Nobody leaves Ravil with the parting words that he is being erased.


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